X User Shares Video Showing Empty Pubs In Pune After Porsche Incident; Netizens Share How Pubs Have Become Stricter

The pubs in Pune are actively checking IDs before serving alcohol to people and a few are even denying entry to college students.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Shares Video Showing Empty Pubs In Pune After Porsche Incident; Netizens Share How Pubs Have Become Stricter

The bustling Pune nightlife has come to a standstill after the unfortunate Porsche Incident in the city. An X (formerly Twitter) user posted videos of some popular pubs in the city that appear empty even on the weekend. He pointed out how the pubs have also become stricter with their ID checking and are exercising greater caution in following the law. Read on to know more.

X User Shares Videos Of Deserted Pubs In Pune After The Porsche Incident

X (formerly Twitter) user, @chiragbarjatyaa, posted videos of pubs in Pune over the weekend. The once bustling places hardly saw any crowd over the weekend after the Porsche incident took the city by storm. According to his post, “Pune clubs are empty. The crowd that used to party the most (high school kids and college kids) are not even being allowed to enter.”

He went on to mention how the restaurant and club owners have become strict and are checking IDs before serving alcoholic beverages. He mentioned, “They have stopped serving alcohol in the clubs except near the bar area. Even 40-50 year old people are being asked to show IDs for entry.”

He had posted videos of two clubs in Pune that appear deserted to prove how the unfortunate incident has affected the city and also the businesses of the people here.

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Netizens React & Share How The Authorities Have Become Stricter

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Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

The post by @chiragbarjatyaa received hundreds of comments with people sharing their two cents and their own recent experiences at the pubs in the city. Here are some comments you cannot miss out on.

Turns out some places were always following the rules and checking IDs as recommended by the authorities.

Some people raised some valid questions and points.

Many people in the comments section also talked about how this was a temporary change and things will go back to normal soon. We believe that unsettling incidents like this are a wake-up call to society that should not be ignored. Every club and pub in the country should actively check IDs and see that underage drinking is promoted in their cities. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@chiragbarjatyaa

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