X User Shocked To Find Just 2 Chips In ₹5 Packet Of Lay’s; Netizens Say, “More Than Expected”

An X user posted a video of a ₹5 packet of Lay's having just two chips in it.

by Sanjana Shenoy
X User Shocked To Find Just 2 Chips In ₹5 Packet Of Lay’s; Netizens Say, “More Than Expected”

Let’s admit it, for time immemorial there’s been an ongoing joke about the number of chips one finds in a packet. Often people point out certain brands and joke about how the packets contain more air than chips. Recently, this was proven to be right as an X user complained about finding only 2 chips in a ₹5 packet of Lay’s chips. Read on to know more about this.

X User Shares Video Of Just 2 Chips In Lay’s Packet

Divyanshu Kashyap took to X (formerly, Twitter) to reveal how a packet of chips he bought had just two chips. Yes, you could count it with your fingers. The X user shared a video of a yellow packet of Lay’s salted potato chips that he bought from the market. The label promises 25 per cent more chips. Initially, the man started pointing out the packaging issues with the product. 

What starts with packaging issues took an interesting turn when the X user finally opened the puffed-up chips packet to discover only two big chips in it. Before he opened the packet, he goes on to say in the background that he doesn’t know what kind of Lay’s it was. Once he opened it, only two big-sized chips were peeking from the inside. “Bas do hi chips hai” (there are only two chips), he says. He beckons Netizens to have a look. Moreover, he reminds Netizens that this packet was priced at ₹5.

Netizens Flood Post With Sarcastic Comments; Ask Him To Switch To Balaji

The man goes on to tag Lay’s and PepsiCo and further informs them that his snack session for the day took an unexpected turn. He adds in his caption that he purchased a ₹5 packet of Lay’s with “hopeful anticipation”. But when he opened the packet, he only discovered a mere two chips inside. The X user goes on to ask if this was the new standard. As a loyal customer, the disappointed man says it falls short of his expectations.

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In no time his X post went viral on social media. It garnered 30.6k views. many X users channelled their wit and posted sarcastic comments. One person even asked why the man recorded this incident in the first place. To this, Divyanshu Kashyap informs that the weight of the packet left him suspicious. So, other Netizens also vowed to shoot videos like his and sue the brand. @mehtasuraj09 sarcastically commented that he at least received chips apart from the flavoured air.

@Priishh_ says that the packet at least contains 2 big chips. Whether it’s 2 big-sized chips or 5 small-sized chips, what’s the difference, she questions. @ganeshan_iyer commented that ₹5 Cadbury contains more chocolate. @AbhirupBarua1 had a more important question, “Who eats yellow Lay’s?”  Few other Netizens suggested he shift to Balaji chips.

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Foodies, have you also faced such issues when buying a packet of chips? Which is your most preferred chips brand, one that is generous in flavour and quantity?

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