Yami Gautam & Sister Surilie Gautam Make Gulab Jamuns. Watch!

by Shreya Ghosh
Yami Gautam & Sister Surilie Gautam Make Gulab Jamuns. Watch!

Enjoying a Sunday with our loved ones and gorging on delish food is the best plan to spend the day! It seems like Yami Gautam spent a wonderful off day with her sister Surilie Gautam by cooking some yummy gulab jamun. All of us have a soft corner in our hearts for Indian sweets and gulab jamun is surely one of the favourites from the massive spread of Indian mithai. Every bite of this sweet simply melts in our mouth and it is absolutely impossible to resist ourselves with just one piece. And for the love of this delicious sweet, the Gautam sisters also showed their culinary skills and made some mouth-watering gulab jamun.

Yami Gautam & Surilie Gautam Showed Their Cooking Skills!

Surilie Gautam shared some fun sneak peek and glimpses from the kitchen. The Gautam sisters executed their inner chef skills to make some gulab jamun, from scratch. Making gulab jamun is not an easy job and the siblings seemed to ace at it! Well, let’s check out this fun video.


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As seen in the video, Yami starts the cooking part by mixing all the dry ingredients. She takes a huge bowl and adds the ingredients one by one. The actor adds about 3 cups of flour, cardamom powder, sugar, and more ingredients. To mix it all, ghee and some milk are also added to it. After kneading the homemade gulab jamun dough, they make the balls and proceed to cook them further.

The Sibling Duo Loved The Gulab Jamun!

Yami Gautam
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At the end of the video, the sisters share their reviews of the gulab jamun. Yami and Surilie seem to enjoy the syrupy deliciousness of the homemade sweets. They are seen taking bites of the desserts and relishing them!

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Do you know how to cook gulab jamun easily at home? Well, the biggest trick to preparing the softest dessert at home is using all the ingredients in the proper measures. These help in giving the perfect texture to homemade sweets. So the next time you are making sweets at home, make sure to measure the ingredients properly.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Yami Gautam Dhar