Yashi Malviya & Sukriti Roy Yadav Are On A Mission To Show The World, Beautiful Bihar

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Yashi Malviya & Sukriti Roy Yadav Are On A Mission To Show The World, Beautiful Bihar

Often shrouded in mystery and negativity, the mention of Bihar always elicits discomfort amongst people as a common misconception runs in the country of how Bihar is full of crime and corruption. Amidst these rumours running wild, two women, Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Roy Yadav have taken it upon themselves to bring to the fore all that Bihar truly is, a picturesque haven you never could have imagined.

Credits: Bihar Bytes

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How Bihar Bytes Happened
The first of its kind, Bihar Bytes is a startup striving to unleash the real Bihar under all those misconceptions of danger. It was grounded in 2018 by two young journalists, Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Roy Yadav. The two female front runners in this field in Bihar are actively changing the way people perceive Bihar.

Credits: Bihar Bytes
Credits: Bihar Bytes
Credits: Sukriti Roy Yadav

How Did They Do It?
The travelled to 32 districts of Bihar to make their travel venture an authentic proposal and urge more and more people to visit Bihar. The found places even Google maps did not know existed! That’s some dedication right there people. You know who to thank when you behold the Kashish Waterfall in the hills of Kaimur. What’s more, there are 50 more waterfalls in Bihar unknown to us!

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A Fort As Royal As Chittorgarh
The abandoned Rohtasgarh Fort as magnificent as Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh is located near the Son River valley. Unfortunately, the co-founders unearthed how it’s beauty was undermined by several media agencies wrongfully reporting it as haunted and being inhabited by Naxalites, scaring tourists away. Yet, even unkempt, the two reported the Fort to be spellbindingly beautiful, known to have been built by Rohitasva, son of King Harishchandra.

A Palace That Looks Like Greece
Yes, you heard that right. The two also discovered a palace that looked no less than Athens of Greece. The Madhubani Rajnagar Palace ruins are a sight to behold. And what’s more, another temple near Buxar, modelled after the Greek Parthenon! Who knew Bihar was so rich in history and architecture.

What Else?
An unknown tiger reserve near the Nepal border? Yes, its called the Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve, another gem hidden in Bihar. And there’s also Sitamari to see, touted as the birthplace of Sita. So much to see and experience, we know where we are heading next!

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This brings us to this innovative hashtag started by the two enthusiastic travellers and startup founders to help abolish the negative image of Bihar and show the world all the wonders hidden here! And they have been successful so far as more and more people, as well as travel agencies, are taking a strong interest in the tourism scope of Bihar.

This will not just create a new and more positive attitude and conception of the state but also generate many employment opportunities for natives!  We applaud the strength and hard work these women have undertaken to restore a state otherwise avoided by many on an unfair basis. For more details and to plan your fun adventure here in Bihar, hit up Bihar Bytes.

Chalo Bihar!