Shop At The Yellow Blossom Exhibition in New Delhi

by Delhi Writer
Shop At The Yellow Blossom Exhibition in New Delhi

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Fashionistas and shopaholics, Delhi always has something in store for you. A few days after the Artisan’s Bazaar, comes the Yellow Blossom lifestyle exhibition, bringing you everything floral and summery.

The exhibition is a platform for new brands and unique designs as well as a wide price range, so there is something for everyone across all budgets. Not limited to clothing, the exhibition will have home décor, accessories,, skin care among other pretty things, helping you shop for everything at one place.


Out of all the unique brands, we look forward to checking out Jammiezzz, a Delhi-centric sleepwear brand that has some quirky designs to make your pajama parties colourful and fun. You can check out their Facebook page to know more.

Shopping trips are never complete without picking up something unique for home. Trays N Bins has caught my eye here with their designs. Check it out here for yourself!

Yellow Blossom


Yummy bites

Also, a good shopping experience is never complete without something yum to bite into. Addicted-Freshly Baked solves that problem with the fresh, hand crafted products by baker Ridhima Khanna. Here, choose your favourite.

Ridhima Khanna

When: 7th Sept
Where: Lodhi Hotel
Timing: 11am-8on
Nearest metro station: Jor Bagh

Are you planning to visit too? Let me know in the comments below!

Yellow Blossom Exhibition