Yoga By The Beach in Mumbai

by Akriti Seth
Yoga By The Beach in Mumbai

In this life, flying as fast as a Concorde, each one of us needs a little time for ourself.  Here, we are giving you a blissful end to an old week and an energetic beginning to the new one.

We already know the benefits of walking or running on the sand. Now, how about some Yoga with your feet on the sand? This weekend, give yourself the pleasure of having a beautiful yoga session on the sand with Shweta D’souza who is a yoga instructor. We learn to align our breath to the sound of waves and take in the fresh most air in. This energy boosting yoga class by the beach fills you with joy towards the end and do you think there is a better way to start your morning than this?

Yoga By The Beah With Shweta D'Souza
Yoga By The Beach With Shweta D’Souza

Why Yoga By The Beach?

Like Shweta tells us, Yoga By The Beach has a number of benefits.

  • You get to work out on sand which is certainly a test of your balance
  • It’s a very relaxing ambience along with a spectacular view
  • With sand as your floor, chances of injury go down a lot and well, the morning sun is the best source of Vitamin D for the body
  • In this uncontrolled environment, you work a lot on your concentration and mindfulness as there are so many distractions.

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We already know the benefits of walking and running in the sand. Now, how about some yoga with feet in the sand Shweta Dsouza #yogabythebeach #inaminuteClick here for more details about the class:

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When: Weekend Beach Workouts ( Saturdays and Sundays)

Where: Juhu Beach Or Silver Beach – Mumbai

How Much: ₹650 per class

Shweta limits her intake to 6 – 8 students in one class so that she can give them personal attention. So, get yourself enrolled before you miss the spot.

You can drop in a mail at with your name and number. We will set this up for you.

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