You Can Now Buy Ukrainian Sunglasses Made Out Of Coffee

by Sanjana Shenoy
You Can Now Buy Ukrainian Sunglasses Made Out Of Coffee

Coffee Lovers! We know about your constant fight with your arch-nemesis- the Chai Lovers. And we have one great comeback for you to convince them why coffee is the better beverage. How, you ask? Well, Ukraine’s Ochis eyewear brand has invented sunglasses made out of coffee waste. We aren’t kidding! Actual sunglasses made out of coffee!

How Was It Invented?

The Ochis Coffee CEO Maksym Havrylenko comes from a family of opticians with a rich experience of around 15 years in the eye-wear industry. So understanding the need of the hour, he really wanted to create a revolutionary product in the eye-wear industry that is not just trendy but also eco-friendly. After experimenting with an array of ingredients like mint, parsley and cardamom, he finally found his eureka moment, when he settled on coffee waste.

Picture Credits: Saudi Gazette

So when you have your usual Tea v/s Coffee banters with your friends, here’s another point you can make to win this ultimate beverage battle. Coffee waste is a much-loved ingredient for the production of printing ink, furniture, cups, biofuel and even painting.  So thanks to the black colour of coffee and its abundant availability, Ochis Coffee CEO has decided to use it to produce biodegradable sunglasses.

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What’s More?

These Ukrainian sunglasses are made out of coffee grounds and flax, glued by vegetable oil. But the best part is when these are disposed they turn into fertilizer after 10 years. And inventing these sunglasses didn’t come easy for Maksym Havrylenko. He had to discard a massive number of 300 samples before he created the spectacular Ochis Coffee Sunglasses.

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If you’re already going gaga over this invention, then you’re not the only one. Ochis Coffee’s preliminary fundraising effort on Kickstarter, resulted in them raising a whopping $13,000 (₹9,32,048 approximately) exceeding the $10,000 ( ₹7,16,960 approximately) target. It attracted customers from western Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States. And surprisingly only 10% of clients were from Ukraine. The Ochis Coffee sunglasses are available for $78 to $89 ( ₹5592 to ₹6380 approximately).

But this Ukrainian sunglasses founder has a bigger goal to achieve. He quoted that his super goal is to promote the idea of production of clean products and proper waste disposal to Ukraine and the rest of the world. And he is doing it with this one huge revolutionary step in the eye-wear industry. So anyone for a cup of coffee, sorry sunglasses made of coffee?

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