You Can Now Fly Over The Beaches Of Goa In A Helicopter

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Now Fly Over The Beaches Of Goa In A Helicopter

The beauty of Goa is enticing! And now travellers can explore the magic and aura of Goa flying in a helicopter. ‘BLADE India’ recently expanded its footprint in Goa and launched 3 services in Goa in association with the State Government of Goa. The services will be a huge boost in increasing connectivity and accessibility for all the tourists and also the locals. It’ll surely be a magical experience to fly over the beaches of Goa and enjoy the aura of the state.

What Are The Services Of BLADE India Launched In Goa?

  • The seat flights will connect the Goa airport to North Goa, South Goa, and also the old Goa airport.
  • They will provide private charter services from Maharashtra and in between Goa.
  • The third service is experiential flights to watch the shorelines of Goa.

Dr. Pramod Sawant, the Chief Minister of Goa was present during the press meeting of this launch. Their attempt is to work towards initiating heli-tourism services that will help in better accessibility. He shared, ‘Heli Tourism will let us explore the hinterlands of Goa like never before. He also added, ‘ Government will gladly provide any kind of support for such initiatives to promote tourism in Goa’.

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You Can Now Fly Over The Beaches Of Goa With ‘BLADE’

BLADE India entered the huge tourism industry in Goa after successfully venturing into Maharashtra and Karnataka. The motto of BLADE India is to give travellers a smooth experience and make Goa more reachable. They aim to explore the unexplored parts of the destination and bring out the beauty of the beaches of Goa.

Using BLADE, a traveller can book his/her seat in the helicopter. It starts from Goa airport to reach North Goa or South goa within a very few minutes. To book your seat, go to the official website or download their app and confirm your seat to watch the beaches of Goa from the sky. You can even go for short experiential helicopter flights for about 15 minutes. Explore the richness of Goa and the nearby towns and cities such as Mumbai and Pune from the helicopter. Some of the landing points in Goa are Surla and Sanquelim in North Goa.

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Mr. Amit Dutta, MD, BLADE India stated on this new launch, ‘The aim of heli-tourism services is to make places more accessible through short-haul air mobility. He also added, ‘The Goa airport and North-South Goa have always been disconnected due to the road travel time involved and have been a pain point for travellers in Goa and locals alike’.