You Can Now Go On A 30 Ft Tall Canopy Walk In Karnataka

by Olivia D'Silva
You Can Now Go On A 30 Ft Tall Canopy Walk In Karnataka

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Experience the magic of nature from a heightened spot! A 240-metre canopy at a height of 30 foot is unveiled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. 

What Is It

You don’t have to go on a canopy walk in Malaysia or Australia because now you can go on a canopy walk right here, in Karnataka! India’s first canopy walk is now opened at Kuveshi area near Castle Rock of Uttara Kannada. On February 18, Karnataka Tourism along with Forest Departments have opened a 240-metre canopy perched at a height of 30 foot. Isn’t this exciting?

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What’s In It?

Thanks to environmental conservationist this canopy walk saw the light of day. The project initially got stalled due to the numerous legal battles because of the harm it could cause to the ecosystem of the Western Ghats.

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Looking for adventure? You can now explore different regions of the rainforest as well as do some bird watching. You can spot the kingfisher, white bellied treepie, Malabar squirrel, lion-tailed macaque, woodpeckers, hornbill, and butterflies. Visitors can now explore the vast rainforest where some trees are over a hundred years old. Some trees that you can spot are – silver oak, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tamarind, and bamboo.


You can go out in the wild for a nominal fee as the tariff has not yet been decided. A maximum of 10 people are allowed for the walk at a given time, while two people can stand on the different platforms present to watch the wildlife around.



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