You Can Now Stay At Shrek’s Swamp For Only €0; A Whimsical Retreat Awaits, At No Cost!

by Mallika Khurana
You Can Now Stay At Shrek’s Swamp For Only €0; A Whimsical Retreat Awaits, At No Cost!

Prepare to step into a fairytale like no other, where the beloved characters from Shrek have a magical surprise waiting just for you. It’s not every day you get the chance to spend a night in Shrek’s Swamp, and this Halloween, Donkey is your enthusiastic host, ready to extend a warm, ogre-sized welcome. Nestled amidst the picturesque Scottish Highlands, this enchanting getaway promises an experience you’ll cherish forever, and the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

Live Like An Ogre In Shrek’s Swamp

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Nestled among the breathtaking hills of the Scottish Highlands, Shrek’s Swamp is not your ordinary accommodation. It’s a stumpy, secluded haven that’s fit for an ogre and designed for those seeking a truly unique and magical escape. The best part? It won’t cost you a single euro to experience this enchanting retreat. 

As you step into Shrek’s Swamp, you’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere of “earwax candlelight,” setting the perfect mood for an otherworldly adventure. You can kick your feet up with a parfait because, after all, who doesn’t love a parfait? Gather around the fire with fellow fairytale aficionados and swap stories late into the night. And when morning breaks, Donkey has a special treat for you: a stack of freshly made waffles that are sure to satisfy your ogre-sized appetite.

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Spend A Night In Scotland’s Muddy Highlands

Shrek Airbnb
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One of the most unique features of this experience is the ultimate privacy provided by Shrek’s trusted outhouse (yes, the one you know from the movies). It’s all part of the immersive Shrek adventure you’ll embark on during your stay. For those eager to book this dreamy retreat, mark your calendars for October 13 at 6 p.m. BST (10:30 IST) when reservations officially open.

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So, whether you’re a die-hard Shrek fan, a lover of unique experiences, or simply seeking an escape to a fairytale world, Shrek’s Swamp is calling your name. Don’t miss this chance to live like an ogre in a place that’s as unforgettable as the movies themselves. 

Book your spot, pack your bags, and prepare for a magical adventure that will transport you straight into Shrek’s realm. 

Where: Highland Council, Scotland, United Kingdom
Check-in time: 4 pm onwards
Cost: ₹0/night

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