You Haven’t Had A Great Bagel Until You’ve Had It In NYC! Here Are The 5 Best Spots For Bagels in New York

by Mallika Khurana

Bagels are a cult favourite and for all the right reasons. Bagels are difficult to not adore. Fortunately, they are sold in many American cities. Prepare your wallets and stomachs because it is a given that you will purchase more than one serving of this mouthwatering treat! Here are the five best places where you can get bagels in New York.

Best Bagel Spots In New York

1. Murry’s Bagels

Murry's Bagels

Photo Credits: Canva

Murray’s Bagels is the only place to go if you want a bagel shop that is skilled at what it does. Since 1966, they have been selling real New York City bagels in Greenwich Village. The consistency of their flavour is what we seek the most and we can thank their ancestral recipe for that.

Where: 500 Avenue of the Americas, New York 

When: 6 AM-4 PM

Cost: $1.85-$18.95

2. Utopia Bagels

Utopia Bagels

Photo Credits: Canva

Do you enjoy fillings in thick slices, such as crisp vegetables and luscious meats? Utopia is there for you! Another vintage find among the many shops in New York City is this one. With every mouthful, Utopia provides traditional bagels that taste flawless. Their current bagels taste just like the ones they used to make back in 1981!

Where: 1909 Utopia Parkway Whitestone, New York

When: 5 AM-5 PM

Cost: $1-$21

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3. Liberty Bagels

Liberty Bagels

Photo Credits: Canva

A #1 and a #2 ranking for the greatest restaurant in Manhattan and NYC, respectively, are held by Liberty. The fact that they were chosen as the winner out of 1800 restaurants is astounding! Consider how much better their shop is than other restaurants that provide items that aren’t even bagels! This bagel shop has something in store for you if you’re looking for a novel approach to them. 

Where: Jackson Heights Queens, New York 

When: 6 AM-3 PM

Cost: $9.35-$25

4. Russ & Daughters

Russ and Daughters

Photo Credits: Canva

Russ & Daughters is probably the bagel shop with the most illustrious past, extending back to a time before we were even born. Did you know that Jewish immigrant Joel Russ founded this specific store in 1914?  We are all aware of how much family-run restaurants value providing wonderful cuisine at fair prices, and this shop exemplifies that ideal. 

Where: 179 E Houston St, New York

When: 8 AM-4 PM

Cost: $1.50-$22

5. Ess-A-Bagel


Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

With four locations now, this iconic New York bagel business, which first opened in 1976 close to Stuyvesant Town, continues to sell crusty, chewy, enormous bagels at each site. Some even assert that the present enormous bagel was invented at the original shop.

Where: 831 3rd Ave, New York

When: 6 AM-5 PM

Cost: $1.50-$22

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons