You Can Now Cruise On Ganga In A Luxury Vessel

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
You Can Now Cruise On Ganga In A Luxury Vessel

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You can now experience cruising on the river Ganga in a luxury vessel.

What Is It?

Cruise in a luxury vessel across the river Ganga and experience breathtaking views of the 84 ghats of Varanasi from a different perspective. The starting cost of one-way trip will be ₹750, but if you’re going for an entire package, you may have to shell out up to ₹75,000. The lower deck at the ship will be air-conditioned, but the upper deck gives you an open view of the cruise. You can also avail other facilities like WiFi, modern toilets, television and navigational systems. 

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What’s In It?

The all new vessel will be taking passengers across the ghats of Varanasi to experience an enthralling activity and visiting places. The cruise will start from Assi Ghat and terminate at the same point after the trip which will be covering 12 km. The vessel can accommodate up to 100 passengers which will be equipped with modern facilities.

The upper and lower decks are facilitated with bio-toilets and you can even access free wifi once on board. The cruise will be serving local vegetarian delights of Varanasi like Kachori, jalebi, samosas and batichokha for knick-knacking.

The cruise is timed in a manner which will allow the passengers and tourists to explore the surrounding regions of Varanasi and indulge in other activities during the daytime.

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How To Book?

The bookings are done on the spot. The cruise liner will be taking tourists on a cruise of the Ganga during sunrise and sunset each day. But on special occasions like the Rudhrabhishek, you can make special bookings. 


The details of the exact date and bookings haven’t come out, we will keep you updated on the deets.


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