You’ll Never Be Able To Look At Cake Again The Same Way After This BTS Video Of Bakery

by Shreya Ghosh
You’ll Never Be Able To Look At Cake Again The Same Way After This BTS Video Of Bakery

Many of us love watching videos of people baking cakes and then decorating them with frosting on social media. The fast-forward videos of the BTS of cake decorations are surely trending immensely among Netizens. The aesthetics of most of these videos are surely a priority for the creators. But have you ever watched the behind-the-scenes of a local bakery? If not, this viral video will simply blow your mind.

We Are Stunned Seeing This Viral BTS Video Of Making Cakes

Twitter user Chirag Barjatya (@chiragbarjatyaa) took to the microblogging site to share a video of the cake-making process inside a bakery. Captioning, “I had no idea this is how cakes are made”, he tweeted this surprising video.

Hundreds and thousands of cakes and pastries are made in local bakeries each and every day. They use a lot of equipment to bake huge batches at a time. Recently, a video of a busy day in a bakery went viral and it may leave you wondering if you want to eat cake again.

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How Do They Bake & Decorate Cakes?

This viral cake-making video shows how bakers are baking cakes without paying attention to proper hygiene. The video starts with a person cracking lots of eggs and then using a huge whisker to mix the yolks with oil and flour to prepare the batter. In the next step, the cooks transfer the batter into a huge kadhai. Then they pour the batter in similar portions into all the trays lined with newspapers and put them inside the oven for baking.

After baking and de-moulding, the bakers decorate the baked pieces with icing, colourful cream, frosting, buttercream, syrup, and flower-shaped designs. Lastly, he packs it in a box and it is ready to be sold to customers.

Here’s How Netizens Are Reacting!

Needless to say that our feelings after watching the viral video are quite similar to everyone else. Twitter users are complaining about the lack of proper hygiene implemented during the entire cake-making process. From dipping hands directly into the cake batter to more steps in this video, Tweeple are pointing out several issues here.

Here’s what they have to say!

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Will you be able to relish them the same way as before now?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Chirag Barjatya (@chiragbarjatyaa)