Your Guide To Renting A Car And Driving In Dubai

by Ishita Agarwal
Your Guide To Renting A Car And Driving In Dubai

If you’re planning a vacation to Dubai, consider hiring a vehicle. It will enhance your experience in Dubai in several ways. Public transportation and even taxis may sometimes be inconvenient and take a lot of time if you want to see the most significant parts of the city or country. Here is a complete guide on renting a car in Dubai. 

Rules For Driving in Dubai 

Before choosing to hire a vehicle in Dubai, there are several road and driving regulations that you need to be aware of, even though there are numerous benefits associated with doing so. Some of these regulations include the following:

  • They drive on the right side of the road and pass one another on the left. 
  • The legal age to operate a motor vehicle in the United States is eighteen, but you must be at least 21 years old to hire a car. Furthermore, several supercar rental businesses require customers to be at least 25 years old to operate their vehicles.
  • Suppose you are from one of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC), the United States, Australia, or a European country. In that case, you do not need an International Driving Licence because you can drive with your own licence as long as you hold a tourist visa. However, you will need an International Driving Licence if you are not from one of these countries. Drivers of all other nationalities must get an international driving licence. 


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Cost of Renting A Car in Dubai 

The costs per day are rough as follows if you wish to hire a vehicle in Dubai:

  • High Season: US$62; Low Season: US$62 for an economy car.
  • Low Season: $US 68; High Season: $US 75 for a minicar.
  • Low Season: $US 88; High Season: $US 88.
  • High Season: US$195; Low Season: US$170; Luxury

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Rental Car 

Before renting a vehicle in Dubai, there are a few things you may not consider, but they are essential! If you often hire cars, some of these tips may seem obvious to you, but trust me when I say that those novices who don’t have much experience will find them really helpful!

  • Make sure the vehicle you purchase can accommodate all your passengers and baggage if you want to drive across the nation. Finding out that the automobile you chose is a small matchbox and you can’t even accommodate your bags is the worst feeling ever!
  • Make sure your automobile has a reliable GPS tracker, even if we all have Google Maps these days. From the minute you attempt to locate your way to your hotel in Dubai, it will be helpful!
  • If you’re considering visiting Oman from Dubai: Check with your rental business to be sure you have all the authorizations needed to go overseas. 
  • When driving long distances, cruise control is quite helpful. Although it may not require those journeys inside the city, it is the finest innovation ever if you want to go outside of it! 

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