Your Guide To Singapore

by Dhruv Maniar
Your Guide To Singapore

Under 140 Characters 

Singapore is one of the smallest yet one of the most powerful countries in the world. This is your guide to Singapore. 

1. Travel Time

Singapore is so small that you can actually travel the entire country from east to west in just 45 minutes, of course without traffic. 

2. Public Transport 

The most economical way to travel in Singapore is to take the MRT or a Bus, as it connects you to every location in Singapore. The country is known to have one of the best public transports in the world. 

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3. Shop On The Go

Did you know all underground metro services are connected to an underground mall. Yes, you read it right, Singaporeans shop on the go. While heading back from work Singaporeans are able to pick up grocery and food as every underground metro is connected. 

4. Active Lifestyle 

Singaporeans are known for a healthy and active lifestyle. You will find everyone in a healthy state. So much so, that they have free Zumba classes happening in various parks, public locations and malls. 

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5. Famous Dish & Drink 

When in Singapore you surely need to try out the famous chilli crab dish. Every restaurant will have its own version which is known to be mouthwatering and really delicious. The drink that is really famous is Milo which is served with hot and cold options. 

6. Local Food

If you love street food then you surely need to head to the hawker centres in Singapore which serves delicious meals at just the right price. 

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7. Drinkable Tap Water 

Singapore is the only country in the entire Southeast Asia to have drinkable tap water, which means water is absolutely free everywhere. 

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