Your Ultimate Guide To Tirthan Valley And Jibhi In Himachal Pradesh

by Suchismita Pal
Your Ultimate Guide To Tirthan Valley And Jibhi In Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan Valley is one of the most postcard-perfect places in Himachal Pradesh, cut by the turquoise waters of the Tirthan river. The pleasant river breeze and the roar of the stream make Tirthan Valley one of the most serene places in India. From experiential stays by the river and camping opportunities in seclusion to some highly thrill-seeking treks, Tirthan Valley has a lot to offer.

Those who would prefer to spend more time by the river can choose to stay in the lower stretches of the valley like Nagni and Gushaini. Those who love lush greenery and high slopes must stay at Jibhi or Tandi. Here are some best properties to book in Tirthan Valley:

For uninterrupted river views:

  • Trishla Resorts, Gushaini
  • Usha Tirthan Lodge, Sharchi
  • The Bluehouse, Gushaini

For rooftop cafe with river views, live music and great food:

  • Mazel Tov Hostel and Cafe

For lush green mountains and seclusion:

  • Beautiful Sunny Cottage, 250 meters Trek Jibhi ( Airbnb)
  • The Hidden Burrow
  • The Treehouse Jibhi

So, what are the best places to explore around Tirthan Valley and Jibhi? Here’s a list of 6 must-visit spots.

1. Chhoie Waterfalls

Nestled in Sarchi, the waterfall is located at a challenging trek away from its entry point. It is a short trek of around 30 minutes but you need to cross bumpy roads with sharp twists and turns and narrow paths with the mountain valley right beside. At the edge of the trek, you might feel exhausted but the sight of the waterfall and the stunning nature around it will restore all your energy for sure!


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2. Gushaini

The river banks at Gushaini, flanked by the rocky mountains, are the ultimate places to seek solace and comfort. Gushaini is a hidden gem and thus remains isolated most of the time. You can sit by the gurgling stream here for hours and sink into the profound serenity of the place. One can also enjoy activities like fishing, river crossing and rappelling in Gushaini.


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3. Chehni Kothi

This 17th-century wood and stone tower lies in the remote village of Chehni. From here, one can catch an awe-inspiring view of the spectacular mountain valley. Reaching Chehni Kothi would require a trek of around 45 minutes through a village dotted by apricot orchards. You can get cues about the bends and turns from the villagers. The beautiful Shringha Rishi shrine sits on one of the routes to Chehni Kothi.

4. Jibhi Waterfall

The intense greenery on the premises of Jibhi waterfall will leave you spellbound. The road to the waterfall winds through a cave-like structure with a stream running through it. The green cavern appears to be a dreamland thanks to the warm light rays flashing from the crack above. For the convenience of walkers, there are short bridges above the stream too.


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5. Jalori Pass

Perched at an altitude of 10,282 feet, Jalori Pass is a high altitude pass in Himachal that holds captivating natural beauty. However, the motorable road leading to the pass is challenging and cars here are prone to stumbling. Black ice formations are also known to occur on this route. Thus, it is advisable to visit the pass with someone who knows the road, preferably a local driver. Jalori is also home to the Mahakali Temple encompassed by pristine beauty.

6. Seruvalsar Lake

To visit the Seruvalsar Lake, one needs to reach the Jalori Pass first. As only a 5 km trek from the pass can take one to the mystical Seruvalsar Lake. The lake sits amid a dense forest in the Seraj Valley of Himachal Pradesh.


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If you have more days in hand, you can also visit the Raghupur Fort and Great Himalayan National Park. Do remember that exploring Tirthan Valley and Jibhi requires a lot of trekking and hiking. So, ensure to carry comfortable clothes and proper shoes.