Modern Indian restaurant Ziya at Oberoi Gets a New Menu

by Pooja Paryani
Modern Indian restaurant Ziya at Oberoi Gets a New Menu

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Chef Vineet Bhatia is back to Ziya – one of India’s best modern kitchens, to entice your taste buds with an avant-garde zing to their menu.

Ziya- The Oberoi, Mumbai

What is it?

Chef Vineet Bhatia, the master of Modern Indian cuisine has been delighting guests with his culinary innovations across India, London, Dubai, Mauritius and Madrid. He comes to India every three months to change the menu at his very first restaurant, Ziya.

Ziya- The Oberoi, Mumbai

This season at Ziya, he has launched an all new a la carte menu with a few additions to the Gourmand (set) menu to enthrall the guests with his innovative preparations.

What’s New?

The all new a la carte menu has a smorgasbord of vegetarian spread as Vineet believes that Mumbaikars enjoy veg food. The chef’s love for beetroot is quite evident from the Beetroot Samosa, Beetroot GalloutiBeetroot Platter and Beetroot Chutney.

ziya food
Ziya- The Oberoi, Mumbai

Even the Malai Paneer here comes with a twist. Paneer spiced with tulsi, ginger, coriander, garlic, chilly has a filling of green Chutney before it is cooked in the tandoor. 

Ziya- The Oberoi, Mumbai

If that’s not enough, there is a side serving of tomato chutney that’s made in Hyderabadi style.

Indian Italian 

Ever heard of Italian dish Burrata made in Indian style? No? Order at Ziya… it’s the Chef’s favourite! The Burrata here is prepared with chili dressing, ginger, mint, and lemon juice. The cheese is served with small, little pieces of roti/matthi which compliment the texture.

Sweet Sin

Ras Malai may sound like a traditional Indian dessert but this one too has got a revamp. If you love coconut, you’re certainly in for a treat! Soaked in basundi, the malai is prepared using coconut milk. Tender coconut water is used to make the jelly whereas the kulfi is made of the white meat of the coconut.

ziya food
Ziya- The Oberoi, Mumbai

So, we suggest

Go ahead, treat yourself to contemporary Indian flavours and let the free spirits keep flowing. The menu has been paired with whiskey. Bon appétit!

What: New menu at Ziya
Where: The Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai
When: Wednesday, Feb 1st onwards

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