1-Hour Goa-Pune Journey Turns Into A 12-Hour Terrifying Trip; Family Shares Horrible Experience

by Shreya Ghosh

Have you ever travelled between Goa and Pune on a plane? If yes, you might know that the air trip takes only about an hour to cover the distance between these two places. Will you believe it if we tell you that a Goa-Pune flight recently took about 12 hours? Well, it might seem unbelievable but it is absolutely true and this incident happened recently at the Goa airport. One of the families stuck inside the airport shared their miserable experiences with The Times of India.

Some Punekars Just Experienced A Dreadful Flight Journey


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Ravi Garg is a Punekar and he lives in Kalyani Nagar. He was one of the many passengers who had to suffer this terrible delay at the Goa airport and he talked about this incident recently. Garg, his friend, and their families went on a trip to Goa. While returning from the holiday, Garg and his family chose air-route and his friend travelled on the road with his family to reach Pune. It is quite obvious that Ravi was supposed to reach his city faster but a massive flight delay led to a long waiting period of half a day.

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It Took Less Time To Reach Pune From Goa By A Car!


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Garg and his family booked SpiceJet tickets to travel back to their city. Little did they know that this 1-hour ride is going to be one of their worst flying experiences. He shared with TOI that the flight was delayed multiple times and the officials stated that Delhi’s poor weather is the reason behind the delay. The SpiceJet flight was about to reach Pune from Delhi and then travel to Goa to once again reach Pune.

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The irony here is that Ravi’s friend reached Pune in about 10 hours and that too before he could land here. When his friend called him to inform him that they have already reached Pune, Garg and his family were still sitting at the Goa airport, desperately waiting for the SpiceJet flight to take off.

The flight was about to depart from Goa on Tuesday at 2 PM. After a miserable span of a long time, the flight reached Pune on Wednesday at around 2:20 PM.

Have you ever had such an experience?

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