Pune Airport Authorities Are Attempting To Resume The 45-Minute Mumbai-Pune Flight After 3 Years

by Tooba Shaikh
Pune Airport Authorities Are Attempting To Resume The 45-Minute Mumbai-Pune Flight After 3 Years

Jet Airways was the only airline that offered flights between Mumbai and Pune. After it shut down in 2019, no other airlines stepped up to fill the lacuna. Then, in 2020, the pandemic happened which severely hampered the travel industry and the lives of many people worldwide. Owing to these circumstances, there were no flights from Mumbai to Pune for the past three years. Now, since the travel industry is recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Pune Airport authorities are mulling over restarting flights on this route.

Pune Airport Mulling Over Restarting Mumbai-Pune Flights

The flight between Mumbai and Pune took about 45 minutes to cover back when Jet Airways was still around. Now, after the pandemic seems to be subsiding, Pune Airport saw a record-breaking footfall this festival season. Now it is trying to find ways to persuade airlines to restart the Mumbai-Pune airline.

According to certain experts, the flight route between Mumbai and Pune is now a necessity as road travel, though less risky than what it used to be, is still not very safe. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway witnessed frequent accidents owing to traffic congestion. Resuming the flight route will lead to reduced traffic and a consequent reduction in the number of accidents. Experts suggest that the Airports Authority of India (AAI) needs to find some way to make the route financially feasible for the airlines.

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Poona-Bombay Was The First Route For Pune Airport

Back in 1960, the first airport in Pune, Poona at the time, was started when the base of the Indian Air Force in Lohegaon was opened for the use of civilians. The Poona to Bombay route was the first connection that the airport saw.

Experts suggest that if the flights are resumed, considerable profits could be made from high-yield clients like businessmen, industrialists, and corporate employees who frequently travel to and from the two cities. Flights would be quicker and safer as the expressway frequently witnesses landslides.

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