1 Kg Of Rare Assam Tea Sold For ₹99,999; Record-Setting Price For Tea Auction In India

by Suchismita Pal
1 Kg Of Rare Assam Tea Sold For ₹99,999; Record-Setting Price For Tea Auction In India

Assam is one of the largest tea producers in India and the specialty teas of the northeastern state are exported worldwide as well. And recently, 1 kg of Assam’s Manohari Gold Tea got auctioned off for a whopping amount of ₹99,999. This is claimed to be the highest value ever fetched in an Indian tea auction. Guwahati-based wholesaler Saurabh Tea Traders won the bid at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) and bought 1 kg of the rare Assam tea at ₹99,999. Read on to know more.

Rare Assam Tea Auction
Picture Credits: India Today

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Manohari Gold Tea Is Produced From Tea Buds Instead Of Tea Leaves

Manohari Gold Tea is produced by Manohari Tea Estate in the Dibrugarh district of Assam. A unique aspect of this tea is that it is produced from tea buds instead of tea leaves. According to a Hindustan Times report, ML Maheshwari, CEO of Saurabh Tea Traders said that Manohari Gold is high in demand but its production is low. He added that the tea garden’s owner had refused to sell the tea to the wholesaler directly and had decided to auction it. The tea is handmade and is considered to be one of the finest teas in the industry. It is produced from a specialty variety of a rare tea clone called P-126. Assam Tea Growers Experiment With Speciality Teas Like Mushroom Tea

Rare Assam Tea Auction
Picture Credits: Onmanorama

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The Manohari Gold Auction Value Broke The Record Of Assam’s Golden Butterfly Tea

This is not the first time Saurabh Tea Traders won a bid for Manohari Gold. It had purchased 1 kg of the same variety of tea in 2018 at 39,000 in an auction. In 2019, the wholesaler bought the tea at an auction price of ₹50,000.


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This year, by shelling out ₹99,999 for the tea, Saurabh Tea Traders broke the record value in tea auction of Assam’s Golden Butterfly Tea, which was sold for ₹75,000 Per Kg in 2020.