10 Countries Where Smoking Weed Is Illegal For Recreational Use But Legal For Medical Purpose

by Shreya Rathod
10 Countries Where Smoking Weed Is Illegal For Recreational Use But Legal For Medical Purpose

Imagine, in Canada, you can light up a joint, and no one would even bat an eyelid, while in other countries around the world, it is illegal and can lead to severe penalties under the law. It is near the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, and despite its medicinal properties and benefits, possession of cannabis or marijuana can get you in trouble. Weed has always been a controversial point of debate. But some countries have recognised the benefits and allowed the use for medicinal purposes and not recreational. And today, we are talking about those.

10 Countries That Allow Weed For Medicinal Use

1. Argentina


In Argentina, there is a ban on cultivating, selling or transporting cannabis. This is a punishable offence according to the present law. However, consumption of it in small amounts will not get you in trouble. There is no acceptance for public consumption, but people can light up a joint in private, according to the Supreme Court decision of 2009.

2. Australia


Australia had decriminalised the cultivation of a small amount of cannabis for personal use. However, the law conflicts with the federal law that prohibits the recreational use of weed and its seeds. With this said, it is legal to use this plant for medicinal purposes. According to the NDSH Survey of Australia, less than one per cent of its population used weeds as medicine.

3. Barbados


Barbados has a high demand for weed. Though there is a ban on recreational use, under the Sacramental Cannabis Bill, Rastafarians are allowed to use it for spiritual purposes. The medicinal use of cannabis was made legal through the 2019 Medicinal Cannabis Bill. A person that possesses more than fourteen grams of marijuana has to pay a $200 fine.

4. Chile


The story of cannabis in Chile is interesting. Before decriminalising, there were clinical tests done in 2014. After the success rate, the Chilean Congress passed the bill that allowed the medicinal use of weed. However, it is still illegal to produce and public consumption. Many people grow and consume it privately.

5. Denmark


Denmark has a four-year pilot program for the medicinal use of marijuana. The sale and usage of cannabis are illegal, but still, tolerated in the Copenhagen neighbourhood. The punishment for consumption in small amounts is typically fine. However, the use of large quantities can lead to a prison sentence.

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6. Ecuador


In Ecuador, ten grams of personal weed consumption is legal. Whereas, the sale of marijuana is illegal and can lead to a prison sentence. According to Article 364, drug consumption is not an offence as long as it is for medicinal use. The cultivation of marijuana is not a common practice but is permitted for personal use.

7. Greece


In Greece, the consumption of marijuana was legal after 2017. The ban on producing it got lifted, however, only pharmaceutical companies could grow it for medicinal use. Personal cultivation is not legal. Though the law has become more tolerable, the minimum sentence is of five months.

8. Ireland


The medicinal use of cannabis requires separate approval by the Minister of Health. There was a bill to legalise the medicinal use of cannabis that passed second reading in December 2016. Also, a poll was carried out and the results suggested that only thirty-nine per cent of Irish people believed that weed should be legal.

9. Thailand


Thailand, recently, decriminalised cannabis, and it was the first nation to recognise its medicinal use. There is no restriction on the use of parts of the cannabis plant and cultivation, as well. The production and selling of weed are strictly within the nation and no foreign country can deal in Thailand.

10. Malta

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Though Malta has legalised cannabis for recreation, there are some limits to it. The use should be purely personal and in small amounts. Sativex is prescribed for clinical use. The limit for using weeds is seven grams per day. Further, there are no details in the legislature that specifies the conditions for use of cannabis.

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These were the countries that have more or less recognised the use of weed. Though it is viewed in a negative light, cannabis has some benefits that can help patients and relieve their pain. In India, cannabis is consumed in the form of bhang in many parts of the country, but only in government-permitted shops. Also, CBD oil is allowed for medicinal purposes, while less than point three per cent of THC is allowed. Moreover, Indian States have their own laws regarding the status of cannabis.

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