10 Worst Airports In The World

by Mrunal Mahajan
10 Worst Airports In The World

Here is a list of the worst airports in the world. If you happen to be travelling from there, God bless you! If you have had a bad experience with airports, you are not alone.

Here we go! Aren’t airports supposed to be the one means of travel that shouldn’t disappoint you? I don’t expect a lot out of railways, but god they are bad too! The airports enlisted here are based on three factors: on-time performance, service quality, and food and shopping options. Also, here’s a sneak peek at one of the world’s most best airport.

AirHelp is an air travel website that has recently released a ranking of major airports around the world. It includes an evaluation of 133 airports based on customer service, cleanliness, on-time performance, and food and shopping. “We chose the airports based on most used airports – and have that we are unable to get data for,” said AirHelp.

1. London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom (LGW)
There have been many incidents at Gatwick Airport, right from fault with a conveyer belt system to the questioning their punctuality or quality. People have been stranded on this Airport for hours. It has a reputation at being the worst now.  And, not to forget the global IT crash and the impact it had all over.

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Picture Credits: @LanaBananaLana

2. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada (YTZ)
After the waterfront runway airport being reported the worst in Canada the next in line is Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. On- time performance is one of the factors that really impress the customer if they are going to have a long journey, along with that food shops are also very important. Billy Bishop Airport has very less rating and had a lot of complaints from the customers. If you get past the terrible airport, here’s some fun things to do in the city.

3. Porto Airport, Portugal (OPO)

“We have all had our greatest holidays ruined by airports. Customer service does not exist in the airport, maybe one or two people will help but the rest of the services will never make our life easy” said one of the travelers. The airport may be bad, but here’s something that’s awesome that you can do in Portugal.


4. Paris Orly Airport, France (ORY)
Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, which represent 52.1 percent of all French air traffic are ranked at the bottom.  They have poor quality of the bars and restaurants, the lack of comfort in the waiting areas, and the lack of seats and electrical plugs as well! Can it get worse than that?

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Picture Credits: madaboutparis.com
  1. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom (MAN)

Manchester Airport lacks passenger satisfaction and customer service, cleanliness and security. They have not provided with any compensation to the customer for their bad service. The least that airports can do after providing bad service is at least make up for their actions. Don’t worry, all of London isn’t bad though! Here’s a look at the mini Punjab of London!

6. Malta International Airport, Malta (MLA)

Ranking for official flight data and surveys that asked the opinion of travelers. On-time performance was given a 60% weighting for the overall score, while services and food & shops were weighted 20% each by the travelers by AirHelp. Planning a trip to Malta? How about we suggest a better airport and a better beach location!

7. Henri Coanda International Airport, Romania (OTP)
AirHelp’s recent survey has revealed that Henri Coanda International Airport got 6 points for punctuality, 6.1 for service quality, and 6 for the quality of retail services, resulting in a total score of 6.03.

 8. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands (EIN)
Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands ranks the third worst after Kuwait Airport and Lisbon Airport in Portugal, all of them dragged down by punctuality while performing better than Otopeni in each of the other two segments.

9. Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait (KWI)
As per the survey, both Kuwait Airways and the Kuwait Airport scored extremely poorly on their list. Kuwait Airport has been ranked as the second worst airport in the world, meanwhile, Kuwait Airways ranked as the third worst airline.

Picture Credits: arabtimesonline.com

 10. Lisbon Portela Airport, Portugal (LIS)
Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport took the bottom spot in the survey with Porto’s Sá Carneiro coming in in 125th. The list ranks airports and airlines in terms of punctuality, service quality, shops and food. Now, remember all of Lisbon isn’t bad. In fact, most of Lisbon is gorgeous.