15 Best Things We Love About Dubai

by Saniya
15 Best Things We Love About Dubai

If you have stayed in Dubai long enough, then you know that this city has made a place in your heart. From the usual popular things that everyone loves to unique little things that only those who have stayed here long enough know, there is quite a lot of things we love about Dubai.

1. The Emirati Hospitality

We love the hospitable culture of the Emiratis and the warmth with which they open their hearts out to the visitors in this country. Be it the kahwas and dates served during festivities to the majlis setting, and we love it all!

2. The Arabian Cuisine

There is nothing more royal yet humbling than sitting down in a majlis and eating Mandi with tender lamb straight from one big platter. We love the idea of eating together as well as the deliciousness of the Arabic cuisine itself. Add to that, piping hot Luqaimats, and that’s one delicious meal right there.

3. The Multi-Ethnic Food Culture

There is probably no cuisine you will not find in Dubai. From Afghani and Levantine dishes to Nepali and European cuisine, Dubai serves it all. And not just that, there is plenty of fusion cuisine too, so you can always set out on a food trail here with restaurants of all prices and sizing serving the best of food from across the world.

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4. Hatta

Hatta’s mountains are the perfect place to be for adventure junkies. And we love climbing up there to bask in cooler temperatures and cycle down the harsh terrain. From Kayaking in the waters around Hatta to picnicking, we love heading to Hatta, especially in winter.

5. All Things Indian

Bur Dubai is literally a home away from home. From street food to Diwali festivities, Bur Dubai has it all. And no other city but Dubai could come close to giving us the India vibes. And who can forget, the Meena Bazaar, with its Indian textiles as well as the vast Indian community.

6. Fitness Friendly City

With all that good food in town, we are always looking for some easy work out as well as fitness-friendly neighborhoods. And we cannot help but love all those parks with running tracks motivating us for quick jogs and local gyms always a stone’s throw away.

7. Global Village

Where else but in Dubai can we shop, visit and eat the most local of stuff from across the world except in Global Village. With more than 100 countries coming together to celebrate the global culture, this is the kind of multicultural exhibitions we need for our shopping sprees.

8. The Shopping Destinations

Talking of shopping destinations, I think we don’t value enough how easily all the best of the brands from across the world are readily available here. From Versace’s to Louboutins, Dubai Mall is shopping heaven. Besides, it’s not just the high-end brands. Walk into the lanes of Bur Dubai and Naif, to buy right for throwaway prices. And we love it!

9. The Millenial Culture

We genuinely feel this city exudes the millennial vibe as it catches on to every millennial trend as soon as it arrives. Unicorn food? Check. Charcoal Ice Creams? Check. Pop culture love? Check. Our insta feeds never feel FOMO in Dubai.

10. Oman Chips Sandwiches

Aah! The local goodness. We miss the Oman Chips sandwiches and Nakanaks every time we head out of Dubai. We are also in love with the many unique twists the chips have got over here. From being used in deserts to being sprinkled over mac n cheese.

11. Dubai Waterfront Attractions

There are beaches, and then there are complete waterfront experiences like those in Dubai. From Al Seef to JBR and La Mer, each of them has a unique vibe. And we love each of these Dubai attractions. Great food, breezy air, and outlets to shop at, what’s there not to love!

12. Historical Dubai

Everyone knows that Dubai is a modern marvel. Its skyline is renowned thanks to the beauty that Burj Khalifa is. But we love ourselves how Dubai has blended modern high rise buildings with historical monuments and museums of the past. A walk down the historic neighborhood and the Bastakiya will make us forget that we are in Dubai of 2019. And this is something we love.

13. The Abra Rides

Abra Rides are a cheap thrill. There is nothing more fun than riding across the waters at Al Seef or the Dubai creek as the olden days of Dubai blur into the modern landscape. The fresh sea breeze blowing in the face is a great plus and makes us fall in love with Dubai each time we ride it.

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14. The Cricket Corners

If you have ever walked out of the home on a Friday afternoon, you know what we are talking about. Empty plots and parking lots having cricket matches of their own. We are surprised just how many games are going on at one point in one ground. It makes us run out and join them too!

things we love about dubai
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15. The Beautiful Mosques

We love the beautiful architectured mosques and the spirituality they exude. The calming essence, as well as the lovely architecture, is something we love about the stunning mosques. And Dubai has them aplenty. From Persian styled once to some of the more historically structured ones.