15 Quotes From Gaur Gopal Das From Sunday Brunch That Have Stayed With Us | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
15 Quotes From Gaur Gopal Das From Sunday Brunch That Have Stayed With Us | Curly Tales

I believe in the magic of words. I believe nothing in this world can heal you better than some good, wise words, either from a conversation or a good book. Our Editor-in-Chief met one of the most famous monks and an influential figure, Gaur Gopal Das, for a Sunday Brunch. While conversing, Gaur Gopal Das gave out some amazing quotes that have stayed with us, and we are so grateful.

Quotes By Gaur Gopal Das

1. Anger needs to be curbed.

2. Prayers are a way to connect to the divine.

3. Technology is an absolute must to reach out and serve.

4. Ego must be curbed. The E needs to stay, while the Go should go away.

5. Hate is the one word that is killing people’s relationships. 

6. In the game of ego, we lose people and our peace of mind.

7. When you say sorry, it’s not about being wrong; it’s about valuing the other person more than being right. 

8. The bottom line of any relationship is that the hearts should resonate with each other. 

9. Sometimes letting go is not because the other person deserves it, but for your own peace of mind.

10. Even if you figure out what you want to do or who you really are, there will be no end to how you can continuously refine and enhance what you do. The sky is not the limit. 

Gaur gopal das
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11. Life is about enjoying the journey and discovering ever-finer nuances and aspects of the journey. 

12. Diplomacy is not a lack of honesty. It is an adjustment to make sure that an honest person is not dealt wrongly by dishonest people. 

13. You are more worthy than the likes you get on social media.

14. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone, because people who love you don’t need an explanation, and people who don’t love you don’t care for an explanation. 

15. Life is not just for diet control and calorie counting, it is also to enjoy and live. So give yourself those days, and if you become too indulgent, come back on track. 


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