150 People Stranded In North Goa’s Pali Waterfall, Rescued; 3 Dead & 1 Injured In Kundaim Amid Heavy Rainfall

If you have plans to travel to Goa, stay updated about weather predictions.

by Shreya Ghosh
150 People Stranded In North Goa’s Pali Waterfall, Rescued; 3 Dead & 1 Injured In Kundaim Amid Heavy Rainfall

It is always a great time to holiday in Goa. This coastal destination welcomes travellers from different parts of the world all around the year. Goa looks its greenest and most serene form in the monsoon season and is a favourite among nature enthusiasts. Unfortunately, heavy rainfall in the rainy season often impacts travel experiences. Recently, incessant rainfall trapped tourists and locals in Pali Waterfall in North Goa. Later, they had to be rescued to return safely from the famous tourist spot.

More Than 150 People Were Stranded In North Goa’s Pali Waterfall

Vedant G. (@VedVery5) shared beautiful glimpses of rain-drenched Goa.

It has been a few days since the coastal state is receiving incessant rainfall. Several parts of Goa are getting drenched in heavy downpours triggering chaos and causing damage in many areas. Unfortunately, some places reported incidents of landslides and flooding as well. One of the recent horrifying updates came from the popular Pali waterfall in North Goa. According to a report by The Indian Express, more than 150 people were rescued from the waterfall.

Nestled in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, locals and visitors were stranded at different areas of the Pali waterfall. North Goa SP stated updates on how police staff, forest officials, and locals in that region worked together to save over 150 locals and tourists. The operation to save each of them was a long and strenuous process, especially because of the increase in water levels. It took everyone involved about four hours to rescue the stranded people from Sattari’s Pali waterfall and bring them to a safe location.

Three people lost their lives in Kundaim because of the heavy rainfall’s consequences. They were construction workers working on a project. Tragically, a wall collapsed and these three employees were trapped to death. Also, another employee sustained injuries.

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Goa Airport Flooded With Rainwater

North Goa Pali Waterfall
Picture credit- X/ Veena Jain (@DrJain21)

Video of Goa’s Manohar International Airport flooded with water are making rounds on the Internet. Airport authorities have replied to the video and assured that steps have been taken for better services.

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If you have plans to travel to Goa soon, stay updated about the weather.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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