Chai Fans Must Try Tea Bombs That Has Become The Latest Sensation On Instagram

by Sanjana Shenoy 2336

“Therapy in a cup”, tea has been a part of the Asian culture for years and now has been assimilated into the world through trade and commerce (and colonization but let’s not go there). Ever sipped on a hot cup of tea on a rainy day? As the cold droplets fall from the sky and tantalize the earth, you sip into your comfort drink and let its warmth magic soothe you within. Well, now you have another interesting way of experiencing tea, with Tea Bombs! Yes, you have heard us right! Tea bombs is a hot brewing beverage on Instagram. And here’s why you should try it too!

Colourful Tea Bombs Brew Storm On Instagram

Tea bomb is taking Instagram by storm. This new food trend literally explodes when you put it in warm milk or water. For those who want to give it a shot either for your own sake or for Instagram, you have the choice between a sweetener powder and the sugar crystals found at home. Now let’s get to know more about them. Tea bombs are made with bright sugar shells which are then filled with herbs, loose-leaf tea, or flowers. Although there are thousands of tea varieties, only select few are chosen for Tea Bombs.

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Recipe For The Perfect Tea Bombs

Yes, we know you are sold on this rad concept. Let us help you with the recipe.

1. First, heat white sugar in a saucepan and melt it. Then, you have to fill a round silicone mould using the molten sugar.

2. As soon as the sugar coats have cooled down, you can place tea bags in the middle or you can put loose tea leaves and other decorative elements such as glitter or edible flowers in them.
3. Carefully remove a few sugar halves and briefly heat the underside of the pan. Once the sugar has melted, press lightly onto the other halves of the sugar mould to join them.

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Picture Credits: sweets_by_satas

While some prefer to put in a tea bag inside the bomb, others prefer to fill it up with tea leaves. There is also an option to fill up the Tea Bombs with other fancy ingredients that make it even more visually appealing. Food bloggers are adding everything from edible glitter to crushed flower petals to make their cup of tea look stunning! We hope you do give it a shot and experience the boom!