2,000-YO Shipwreck Discovered Near A Croatian Island With Roman Pots From 3rd Century BCE

by Tooba Shaikh
2,000-YO Shipwreck Discovered Near A Croatian Island With Roman Pots From 3rd Century BCE

Archaeology is a fascinating discipline which helps us understand our origin and how we survived way back when not much was known about anything. It is all the more interesting and surprising when such discoveries are made in water. One such fascinating discovery was made in the Adriatic Sea and near a Croatian Island and it has the archaeological community in a chokehold! Here are some of the most interesting archaeological details about this discovery.

2,000-YO Shipwreck Discovered Near A Croatian Island

Croatian island
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

This particular shipwreck was found while some scuba divers were training for underwater mining clearance. They were diving near the coast of the Croatian Island called Scedro. This island is an offbeat location and not many people know about this place.

After spotting the shipwreck, the discovery was identified by a couple of underwater archaeologists. Sasa Denegri and Tea Katunaric Kirjakov were the ones to identify the shipwreck. It was found 160 feet deep in the sea and has since been identified as one of the oldest shipwrecks to ever be discovered.

It was dated back to the 3rd Century BCE and for a shipwreck that old, it was remarkably well-preserved. Archaeologists found pottery items from the Roman civilisation and what was astonishing about it was that they were all nearly intact!

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About Scedro Island

Croatian island
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

According to an article recently published by TimeOut Croatia, this is not the first time a shipwreck has been discovered in the vicinity of the island, i.e., in the eastern Adriatic Sea. As a matter of fact, as of 2014, this is the third shipwreck to be found in the area.

Since the island is so small and relatively unknown, measures have been taken to protect the island in the long run. Friends of Scedro Island is one such non-governmental organisation that ensures its safety and protection.

There are small settlements and a medieval monastery on the island which have mostly been deserted.

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)