22-Year-Old Delhi Woman Falls Out Of Rashly Driven Uber; Driver Mad About Changed Drop Location

by Tooba Shaikh
22-Year-Old Delhi Woman Falls Out Of Rashly Driven Uber; Driver Mad About Changed Drop Location

We all have had bad experiences when it comes to booking cab-hailing services. Sometimes the driver is too talkative, cancels before arriving, or is just straight-up creepy. This Uber driver, however, takes the cake for the worst of such experiences. The incident took place in Delhi where a woman was injured after being thrown out of a rashly driven Uber. According to the victim, the driver started driving rashly because he was angry about the change in drop location.

22-Year-Old Delhi Woman Falls Out Of Rashly Driven Uber

This particular scenario was quite shocking as a 22-year-old Delhi woman was thrown out of a moving Uber. The passenger claimed that she was intentionally subjected to this abuse because she changed the drop location and refused to pay when the driver demanded more money.

This horrific incident took place on Wednesday, the 22nd of March. According to the police, the victim is an MBA student who lives in Dilshad Garden. She booked the cab via the app from Majnu Ka Tilla and initially entered the drop location at Ashok Vihar. During the ride, she changed her mind and decided to return home. However, when she changed her drop location from Ashok Vihar to Dilshad Garden, the driver got angry.

He demanded that she pay her more money than the amount agreed upon by the app. When she refused, the driver unlocked the car doors and started driving extremely rashly, presumably, with the intent of throwing her out of the moving vehicle.

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Driver Also Drove Off With Victim’s Belongings

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Credits: Canva Images

After being dangerously tossed out of the car, the woman suffered injuries. The driver then proceeded to speed off with her belongings. The car still had her purse, cell phone, and other valuables inside and yet the driver did not stop.

The driver was identified as Pawan and the police soon arrested him for rash driving and theft. They also managed to recover all belongings of the woman. According to Hindustan Times, an Uber spokesperson also assisted the police in launching a probe.

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images