“3 Bombs In Flight”, “Will Explode In 1 Hour”, Delhi-Pune Vistara Flight Gets Bomb Threat Call

by Shreya Rathod
“3 Bombs In Flight”, “Will Explode In 1 Hour”, Delhi-Pune Vistara Flight Gets Bomb Threat Call

A bizarre incident took place at the Delhi Airport when a bomb threat was received by the authorities. As per the reports, the threat call indicated that the bomb was allegedly planted on the Vistara flight from Delhi to Pune. Here are the details of what exactly happened at the Delhi Airport and about the bomb threat.

Delhi Airport Received Bomb Threat Alert On Vistara Flight

vistara flight bomb threat
Credits: Wikimedia

Following a bomb threat, authorities checked a Vistara aircraft at the Delhi airport today before it was scheduled to depart for Pune. However, nothing unusual was discovered, according to police. Flight UK971 was delayed because of “mandatory security checks”, a statement from Vistara stated.

According to a senior member of the Delhi Police, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) passed on a threat call that had been made to the Gurugram control room of the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL).

Around 7:30 am on Friday, someone called the airport’s call line and reported that within an hour, three bombs had been kept in flight no. UK971 parked at gate no. 42. Official sources reported that the call was promptly discontinued. The call was followed by the onset of the search and combing activities.

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Passengers Were Deboarded From The Plane

vistara flight bomb threat
Credits: Wikimedia

The passengers were off the plane and the police gave it a thorough inspection both inside and out, but nothing unusual was discovered. In addition to the ongoing investigation, a case has been registered. Police said that the departure time for flight UK971 was 8:30 am.

Soon after, a Bomb Threat Assessment Committee (BTAC) was established, and the CISF immediately put bomb detection tools and sniffer dogs to work while passengers’ luggage was sent for a second inspection. Air Vistara stated in its statement that it is working with security agencies.

According to the statement, the aircraft UK971, which was supposed to depart from Delhi for Pune on August 18 of 2023, was delayed because of necessary security checks.

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The statement read that in the meantime, they are doing everything possible to limit any inconvenience to their customers, including providing them with refreshments.

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