300+ SRK Fans Create A Guinness Book World Record For Posing Like SRK In Front Of Mannat

by Shreya Ghosh
300+ SRK Fans Create A Guinness Book World Record For Posing Like SRK In Front Of Mannat

Our love for Shah Rukh Khan is simply out of the world. Be it as an actor or as a person, we love watching him on the screens and talking on stage sharing his wit and charm. SRK has a massive global fandom and there is no denying that. The Bollywood actor represents India on a global level and words fall short to appreciate him. This time, his fans also did something extraordinary and marked their names globally. SRK fans recently made an iconic Guinness Book World Record and we are excited!

SRK Fans Did This Unique Thing To Make A Guinness Book World Record

The Twitter page of the Sriyan Official Group (@TeamSriyan) shared a video of achieving this remarkable world record. What is this all about? Let’s take a quick look at it!

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It is a dream of SRK fans to visit Mumbai, pose in front of Mannat, and click some pictures with the lavish abode. And now the fans and followers created a world record outside Mannat itself. About 300 fans of King Khan gathered outside Mannat and posed just like SRK. On Saturday, they stood there in lines and recreated Shah Rukh’s world-famous signature pose of opening his arms. They achieved an incredible record as the most number of people posed like this at once.

Such beautiful and heartwarming gestures are the biggest proof of the appreciation, love, and affection of Shah Rukh Khan’s crores of fans. Achieving a Guinness world record is indeed a great feat.

Mannat Has Become A Tourist Spot In Mumbai!

SRK comes on his balcony to greet his fans on special days and occasions and the crowd is simply out of the world on those days. Mannat sees a huge crowd on ordinary days as well. Tourists and SRK fans of Mumbai often make sure to visit in front of Mannat and witness the glory of the abode. There is indeed something very special about this place!

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Have you ever visited to see the iconic Mannat in Mumbai? It is an famous tourist attraction in the city and hundreds of SRK fans visit outside his house every day and pose in front of the lavish home.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sriyan Official Group (@TeamSriyan)