350 Passengers Stranded In Jaipur As Air India Pilot Refuses To Fly After Emergency Landing

by Shreya Shriyan
350 Passengers Stranded In Jaipur As Air India Pilot Refuses To Fly After Emergency Landing

Flights getting delayed or rescheduled owing to unavoidable conditions is not something out of the ordinary. But imagine when your flight gets cancelled because your pilot has crossed his work limit. This was the horrifying ordeal of 350 passengers stuck at Jaipur airport.

Air India Pilot Leaves 350 Passengers Stranded At Jaipur Airport

Amidst challenging weather conditions, a pilot of an Air India flight travelling from London to Delhi decided not to proceed with the journey following an emergency landing in Jaipur.

The pilot explained that his refusal was based on flight duty time limitations and duty hours. As a result of the pilot’s decision, approximately 350 passengers found themselves temporarily stranded at Jaipur airport for a duration of roughly three hours.

Consequently, these passengers had to make alternative arrangements to ensure their safe arrival in Delhi.

One of the many passengers aboard the flight, who goes by the Twitter handle @ABritishIndian, posted videos of distressed passengers and of himself describing the ordeal they faced.

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Panic At Jaipur Airport As Passengers Left To Fend For Themselves

Flight AI-112, initially scheduled to land in Delhi around 4 am, had to be redirected to Jaipur due to deteriorating weather conditions at Delhi Airport. For at least 10 minutes before being rerouted to Jaipur, the aircraft circled in the sky.

The passengers were highly disgruntled and unsatisfied with the resolve they were provided by the staff representing the airlines. Twitter user @TheBritishIndian also took to Twitter to and said that only one staff representative was made available to resolve the issues of over 300 passengers that were seeking resort.

The flight, along with several other diverted flights, received clearance from the Delhi Air Traffic Control (ATC), after a two-hour delay, to continue its resume its journey to Delhi. However, the pilot chose not to proceed and disembarked.

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Due to this, approximately 350 passengers were left helpless and stranded at the airport and were notified to look for alternative arrangements.

After waiting for close to three hours, some of the passengers were transported to Delhi by road, while others were able to resume their journey to Delhi on the same flight after a new crew was organized.

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