37-YO NRI Arrested For Smoking, Opening Emergency Door And Misbehaving On London-Mumbai Flight

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
37-YO NRI Arrested For Smoking, Opening Emergency Door And Misbehaving On London-Mumbai Flight

A 37-year-old NRI flying in a London-Mumbai Air India flight was arrested after arrival. The reason behind his arrest was his unruly behaviour after being caught smoking in the restroom. The man behaved aggressively, tried to open the emergency door, and also assaulted another passenger on the flight. Here is what exactly happened in mid-air during the flight. 

NRI Arrested For Smoking And Aggressive Behaviour Mid-Air

A 37-year-old NRI was seated in seat 26-B on the London-Mumbai Air India flight, which departed from London at 10pm. At 8 in the morning, he went to the lavatory and lit his cigarette, which triggered the smoke alarm. 

The crew knocked at the door, and upon receiving no response, they opened it from the outside and took away his lighter. Enraged by this, he hurled abuses at the crew member. Crew members brought him back to his seat, and as per the instructions of the pilot, he was warned. After a while, he tries opening the over-wing door. 

Crew members and other passengers intervened as he tried to open the door. He also kicks another passenger during this. A passenger doctor examined him and gave him two injections. As the man did not calm down, his legs and hands were tied to the seat to restrain him. 

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Air India Crew Files A Police Complaint

The NRI, known as Ratnakar Dwivedi, was arrested after the London-Mumbai-bound flight reached its destination. The Air India crew filed a police complaint against the man and also informed the Indian aviation regulator. 

Ratnakar was allowed to leave after charging a bailable offence. He was asked to appear in the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where a charge sheet will be filed. The US consulate will be informed about the incident on Monday, and his passport was also confiscated. The man works as a management professional in the United States. 

This is not the first time a passenger was caught smoking in the lavatory of the plane mid-flight. There have been many cases in this month itself. His blood samples were sent for examination, to check if he was drunk. On interrogation, he mentioned that he was flying to Mumbai to explore a career in singing. 

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