38-Year-Old Kuwaiti Shatters Records As World’s Fastest Diver With Wheelchair Underwater In Dubai

Faisal Al Mosawi's journey to World Records.

by Deeplata Garde
38-Year-Old Kuwaiti Shatters Records As World’s Fastest Diver With Wheelchair Underwater In Dubai

From the soccer pitch to the depths of the ocean, Faisal Al Mosawi’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Despite facing adversity after a life-altering car accident in 2005, which left him paralysed from the waist down, Al Mosawi has risen above challenges to rewrite the script of his life by shattering records and being called the Diver With Wheelchair.

Faisal Al Mosawi, Diver With Wheelchair,  Dives Against The Odds

Discovering a newfound passion for diving two years post-accident, Al Mosawi embarked on a quest to explore the underwater world, defying limitations and embracing the freedom of the ocean. From the tranquil reefs of the Maldives to the vibrant waters of Thailand, he pursued his newfound passion with unwavering determination.

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Breaking Barriers, Setting Records

In 2018, Al Mosawi shattered expectations by clinching the title of the world’s fastest 10km scuba diver, clocking an impressive time of 5 hours and 24 minutes. Not content with one world record, he continued to push boundaries, securing another accolade in 2022 as the fastest snorkelling diver in the Maldives, covering a distance of 1km in under an hour.

A Guinness Triumph in Dubai

Setting his sights on a new challenge, Al Mosawi embarked on a rigorous four-month training regimen. This is how he prepared for his latest feat: becoming the world’s fastest diver with an underwater wheelchair. His determination paid off as he made history at Dubai Mall’s Aquarium, etching his name into the Guinness World Records once again.

But Al Mosawi’s journey extends beyond the realm of sports. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in finance, he now serves as a life coach. Also, he inspires others to overcome obstacles and chase their dreams. His message resonates loud and clear: with grit, resilience, and unwavering determination, anything is possible.

As he basks in the glory, Al Mosawi remains grateful for the unwavering support of his family. He expresses gratitude to his training team and the Dubai Sports Council. With his indomitable spirit and infectious optimism, he continues to inspire countless individuals worldwide. He inspires them to dive headfirst into the depths of their aspirations. He aims to set an example to defy limitations and embrace the boundless possibilities.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Faisal Jawad

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