40-YO Man Ate Earphones, Screws, Rakhis & More; Doctors Retrieve Weird Objects After 180 Mins Long Surgery

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
40-YO Man Ate Earphones, Screws, Rakhis & More; Doctors Retrieve Weird Objects After 180 Mins Long Surgery

Have you heard someone eat clips, earphones, screws, safety pins, and others? Well, this 40-year-old man from Punjab actually does. After a three-hour operation on Thursday at Medicity Hospital in Punjab’s Moga, items including earphones, lockets, screws, rakhis, safety pins, shirt buttons, and zips were removed from his stomach.  Doctors said he suffers from an illness known as Pica. 

40-YO Man Ate Earphones, Screws, Rakhis & More

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The patient, Kuldeep Singh, was seen by a doctor after complaining of nausea for more than two days and requesting admission to the hospital with a high fever and stomach ache. To find the source of his pain, the physicians performed an X-ray scan of his stomach, which startled them.

Numerous metallic objects were found inside his stomach, according to the X-ray scan. Doctors were able to successfully remove the objects from his body after 180 minutes of surgery.

Ajmer Singh Kalra, director of Moga Medicity Hospital, revealed to the neighborhood media that the patient had been experiencing stomach aches for two years. He had a fever and was throwing up when he was taken to the hospital. 

They discovered lockets, chains, nuts, bolts, headphones, and many other objects inside the stomach after doing an X-ray. He said that the patient suffered from Pica.  (As per Hindustan Times)

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Pica, An Eating Illness

Credits: Canva

Although Kalra claimed it was their first case of its kind, the doctor was able to successfully remove all of these objects. He added that the patient’s health was not yet stable because things had been in the stomach for a considerable amount of time.

A person with a Pica eating problem consumes items that are not typically thought of as food. It is distinguished by the intake of things that are not normally thought of as edible. 

While it’s normal for young children to put non-food objects like grass or toys in their mouths out of curiosity, people with Pica go above and beyond this behavior. They may consume substances that carry health concerns like earphones, safety pins or anything. It can result in a number of health issues.

A member of the man’s family told us that he had been having stomach pain and had trouble sleeping, particularly over the past three days. Even though they took him to multiple doctors previously, none of them could determine what was causing this. They were unaware of him consuming all this! (As per First Post)

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