5 Facts About Lugdi, The Himachali Beer Ranbir Kapoor Had In Yeh Jawaani

by Sushmita Mahanta
5 Facts About Lugdi, The Himachali Beer Ranbir Kapoor Had In Yeh Jawaani

Ever wanted to visit Himachal and relish the local beer Lugdi just like Ranbir Kapoor in YJHD? Of course, you have! After all, it’s a special feeling to raise a toast to the mountains. Lugdi is a traditional alcoholic beverage of Himachal made from local varieties of rice. The Himachali beer is also known as jhol and is popular in Palampur, Kangra.

Read on to know 5 facts about this popular local alcoholic drink of Himachal Pradesh:

1. Lugdi Beer Has Socio-Cultural Value

Did you know that Himachali beer Lugdi is sprinkled on the guests to welcome them? Well, its importance is not just limited to households.  The drink is also consumed by Himachalis during festivals and weddings.

2. Lugdi Has Health Benefits

Consuming Ludgi will not just keep you high in spirits but also benefit your health. Most local Himachali drinks have health benefits. They improve your digestion and also help in the treatment of stone and jaundice. The local beer is mostly made in the summer season and reserved for the winter season. Himachalis use the drink in winter to keep the body warm.

ludgi himachali beer
Pic credit- pixabay

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3. Materials Used In Production Of The Himachali Beer

If you were curious to know how the local alcoholic drink is made, we got you some details! The main raw material used in making the Himachali beer is local rice or broken rice. Phab, crude inocula, is used to carry out the fermentation process. Lugdi is basically filtered through Whatman filter paper and dried at room temperature.

4. Lugdi Is Found In Local Households

The local drink is very popular and Himachalis as well as numerous tourists consume it while in the region.  However, Lugdi is mostly found in local households instead of markets. Apparently, the sellers don’t have permits to sell alcoholic drinks openly in the markets or shops.

5. Lugdi Became Popular Across India After The Movie Yeh Jawaani

It was Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani that popularised the local Himachali beer across India. The movie shows Ranbir relishing the drink while exploring the mountains in Manali with Deepika and that scene alone made people curious to try Lugdi.

ludgi himachali beer
pic credit – Facebook/Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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Do tell us if you have ever tried this local Himachali drink Ludgi, that looks like milk but is beer!

Feature image credit – Facebook/Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, Pixabay