5 Food Stalls In Surat That Are Run By Ladies

by Vinita Jain
5 Food Stalls In Surat That Are Run By Ladies

Since time immemorial, women are known to be homemakers, cooking in their home kitchens. However, there has been a significant change. Breaking norms and standards set by society, women are now demonstrating their culinary skills outside their homes. But, women-led eateries in the culinary industry still have to fight for recognition. Keeping that in mind, today, we’ve rounded up five food stalls run by ladies in Surat.

Food Stalls Ladies Run In Surat

1. Sujal Special Paratha

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Sujal is the owner of this stall at Piplod, in Surat. She earlier worked at a restaurant, where she completed her training. And now, the paratha expert owns her own stall. Sujal serves 88 varieties of parathas. The buttery, and generously-filled parathas are to die for. Also, the parathas are served with chutney, sauce, and Sujal-special papad.

Where: London House, Dumas Rd, Piplod, Surat.

When: 4 pm – 9 pm

Cost: ₹200 approx.

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2. Br o pav


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Br o pav is one of the most popular food stalls run by ladies in Surat. A mother-daughter duo in Surat started this food stall last year and today they’ve reached great heights. They started their business with a small stall and today they’ve successfully established a food cart. Bhavya (the daughter) left her job and followed her passion for cooking. The mom-daughter duo serves mouth-watering cheesy Ulta vada pav and other varieties too.

Where: Outside Pal RTO, Pal, Adajan, Surat.

When: 3:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Cost: ₹15-30 approx.

3. Hygienic Panipuri

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If you’re someone who loves eating pani puri but is concerned about hygiene standards, this is the eatery you need to visit in Surat. Yes, there’s a food stall in Surat single-handedly run by ladies who take care of the hygiene as well as the taste. They wear gloves while filling the puris with mashed potato filling. Later the customers can also use the hygienic Pani puri dispensing machine to fill their puris with flavourful water.

Where: Galaxy Circle, Pal, Adajan, Surat.

When: 4 pm – 9 pm (keeps fluctuating)

Cost: ₹40-60 approx.

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4. Samarth Ulta Vada Pav

Picture Credit: Pexels

Who says food stalls can’t be creative or add a fusion touch? This food stall in the LP Savani area of Surat serves Ulta vada pav. It’s popularly known as ‘Aunty ka Ulta Vada Pav.’ For those who don’t know, Ulta vada pav is an interesting version of vada pav where bread is inside and potato filling is outside.

Where: LP Savani Area, Surat

When: 12 pm – 8 pm (keeps fluctuating

Cost: ₹35-40

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5. Jigiben Ki Sandwich

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Any foodie from Surat will be aware of this food stall run by a lady. Jigiben comes from a catering background and serves a wide variety of exclusive sandwiches. The USP of this stall is the unique, secret sandwich recipes like Bombay-style sandwiches, Italian sandwiches, pizza sandwiches, etc. Do enjoy your sandwiches here with potato chips and chutneys.

Where: PAL RTO Surat

When: 3:30pm – 9pm

Cost: ₹50-70 approx.

So, Suratis, do support these ladies who are working hard to earn a living. Visit these food stalls run by ladies who served you delicious food with oodles of love.

Cover image courtesy: Br_o_pav Instagram & Unsplash