5 Food Trucks You Can Find Parked At Dubai Expo City

by Deeplata Garde
5 Food Trucks You Can Find Parked At Dubai Expo City

Dubai celebrated the opening ceremony of Expo City on October 1 2020. Apart from the many pavilions to explore, Expo City is also a gastronomical hub. From fine-dining restaurants to street food offering options, there’s something for everyone. And it’s just not about food as every dining spot here provides a suitable vibe. So let’s take a trail in Expo City Dubai and explore the food trucks here.

Here Are 5 Food Trucks To Savour Some Scrumptious Meals In Expo City

1. La Serre

The Parisian-style boulangerie has opened its doors in the form of a food truck at the Expo City site. Breakfast time fast sellers include scrambled eggs, freshly baked croissants, and bread. Additionally, a delicious cake slice is available here if you so desire.

Price: AED 100

2. Wofl

As the name suggests this place is all about the love for Waffles but with a twist. WOFL serves sweet & savoury waffle sandwiches with a wide range of toppings to confuse you. So better do your homework before you visit this food truck at Expo City Dubai.

Price: AED 110

3. Mattar Farm

Hattem Mattar is the mastermind behind Mattar Farm. He started the brand by grilling up a selection of artisan smoked meats. And now you can fancy a slice of his famous dish brisket and others in a food truck on the Expo City Dubai property.

Price: AED 130

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4. B-Cafe



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Previously, B-Cafe earned a reputation as a go-to coffee stop for Expo regulars. Currently, the spot resurrected as a food truck & is ready to reclaim the title. The aroma of grinding coffee beans might pull you to the truck while roaming in Expo City.

Price: AED 30

5. % Arabica


This coffee shop originally hails from Kyoto, Japan. But recently with its launch in UAE, visitors are going gaga about it. Their beverages are the talk of the town and their menu, for now, is limited.

Price:  AED 45


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So if you fancy some dining at Expo City then these food trucks might be your saviour.

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