5 Homestays In Almora With Alluring Mountain Views

by Sanmita A
5 Homestays In Almora With Alluring Mountain Views

Almora in Uttarakhand is a quaint little hill station which offers stunning views of the Himalayas. The weather, the skies, and the landscapes are perfect during any time of the year. If you love nature, and the cool winds of the mountains, visiting Almora is a decision you’ll be proud of. Apart from the exhilarating views, Almora has pretty homestays, that make you feel at home. There are also other activities you can do in the Almora hills — like hiking and a lot more. So, plan your next trip to the hills at Almora & stay at these homestays. Take a look.

Almora Homestays For A Wholesome Getaway

1. Zen Oaks

Zen Oaks in Binsar Road, Almora, is a beautiful stay amid so many greens and pretty little cottages surrounded by amazing Himalayan views. They have super spacious rooms, great food and all the facilities. Their services are exceptional and most of all, you will have a quiet stay which is comfortable and peaceful.

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2. Kasar Wonder Hill Homestay

A gorgeous homestay in the hills of Uttarakhand, the Kasar Wonder Hill Homestay is around 20 km from Nainital. It is a fairly new homestay but has excellent services. They have the best views and other facilities which can ensure you can have a great stay amid the hills. No matter your location, you will be served amazing views of the mountains during your entire stay in Almora. If you do not want to stay in the homestay all the time, there are a few great cafes around the area too.
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Almora Homestays
Image: Google/Kasar wonder hill homestay

3. Sharda’s Stay Binsar Himalayas

This homestay in Almora is located around 10 km from Binsar. The place has a great seating area and a wholesome place for visitors looking to unwind from city life. The property also has a sun terrace. If you love exploring, then you can even go further with their car rental services. They have excellent facilities and staff, and the homestay also offers Kumaon cuisine to its visitors.

Almora Homestays
Image: Google/Sharda Stay’s Binsar Himalayas

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4. Deodar Homestay Almora

This private homestay lies in the Himalayas and defies luxury and comfort for its visitors. Deodar Homestay in Almora is a a 100-year old Indo-British bungalow. And, has British-era interiors to make your holiday a perfect one. What is best than pampering yourself with the best of views outside and great luxury inside? Take a look:


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5. Vindhyawasini Himalaya Darshan Homestay

This property is located a few miles away from Mukteswar. It offers a wonderful stay to its visitors with amazing views and great stay facilities. If you are switching to the zen mode during your holiday here, then this homestay is the right place for you.

So, which of these homestays will be your choice for your next holiday in the hills? Let us know in the comment section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook@Zen Oaks-Farm Stay and nstagram@DeodarHomestay