5 Iconic Dishes You Must Try In Kolkata

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Iconic Dishes You Must Try In Kolkata

When in Kolkata, you can’t get away from Puchkas, chaat and iconic street food dishes, But if you’ve got limited time, here’s a list of 5 things you can’t miss at Kolkata –

1. Puchkas At Shri Thakur Pandit

Studded with Tollywood celebrities, this place at Sarat Bose Road is a heaven for puchkas. Try out the authentic Bengali puchkas made with spiciest pani (₹20) or try out the dahi puchkas (₹60). 

2.  Bhel Muri At Chandu Bhelwala

At Ballygunge, this joint sells the best chaat in the city. The Bhel Muri is a crispy chaat item is a favourite
amongst locals and is made spicy (₹70). Apart from that, the papdi chaat here (₹60) is also a crowd favourite.

3. Chowmein At Lazeez Fast Food Corner

Chinese cuisine in Kolkata dates back to 18th century & Chowmein here is most popular (₹40). This spicy, saucy noodle dish is found in every street of the city & is loved by locals.

4. Aloo Chaap At Pooja’s Stall

Aloo Tikka locally known as aloo chop is potato fritters (₹7). Making for a great tea time snack, it
is best enjoyed as a quick snack on the streets. 

5.  Momos At China Town

Momos are the most staple street food of Kolkata & there’s a variety in their selection. Try out the chicken momos with soup at China Town for a flavour burst! (₹30). 

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