Top 5 Weirdest And Grossest Egg Dishes In The World To Try – If You Dare

by Yogita Chainani
Top 5 Weirdest And Grossest Egg Dishes In The World To Try – If You Dare

Eggs are not only a good source of protein, but they can also be made in many variants. Be it scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or omelette, we have tried it all! One can never go wrong with eggs, and in fact, eggs are not only filling, but they also aid weight loss and are packed with other nutrients too. However, some countries in the world treat eggs way to differently. Right from storing it for decades to boiling them in various substances, people across the world have prepared various egg delicacies that you surely wouldn’t want to try. Here are some egg delicacies from around the world, that will truly shock you.

Here Are Some Egg Delicacies Around The World That Will Shock You

1. Century Eggs

Don’t go by the name- it’s not as good as it sounds. Century eggs are usually dark brown and have a blackish slimy filling. Century eggs are quite popular in China, where chicken/quail/duck eggs are preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quick lime and rice hulls for weeks or months before being eaten. And once they are ready for consumption, they release a urine-like odour because of their high sulphur and ammonia content. Will you ever try something like this? 

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Pic Credit: Devour. Asia

2. Virgin Boy Eggs

This is something that you’ll never be able to imagine! Do you like boiled eggs? If yes, then you certainly won’t be able to eat those after knowing about this dish. In the Zhejiang province of China, people love to consume these eggs. Dongyang City is in the centre of the Chinese province of Zhejiang. People of Dongyang City follow a tradition where boys aged 10-years or younger pee in a bucket and this is used to boil eggs. As gross as it sounds, it’s quite genuine! Eggs are first simmered in urine with shells and then again with their shells cracked, locals of China state that virgin boy eggs are known for their health benefits. Well, now you know what to not order when you visit China and that’s clearly boiled eggs! 

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Pic Credit: Ny Daily News

3. Yam Kai Yeow Maa

This delicacy is quite popular in Thailand, and it is known as their special Thai salad. A Thai salad is prepared using duck eggs. While duck eggs are famous across the globe, this salad is not. The eggs are preserved to become gelatin-like and dark brown. Duck eggs are blended in a mix of black tea leaves, salt, sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, zinc oxide and water. Some Thai Salad? No, please! 

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4. Larb Mote Daeng

This dish is again quite popular in Thailand. It is your basic dish, but it’s made with red ants! Yes, red ants are the main ingredient of this preparation. And there are people in the world, who have tried these eggs. As per them, the ants have a tangy flavour like lemons, while the eggs have a buttery texture. 

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5. Bault

While just for fun, we may be able to try the other dishes at least once, but Bault is something that we may never try. Bault is a duck embryo which is still developing. It is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. It is a popular street food in the Philippines. Only if we knew that such street foods existed too. 

Pic Credit: Culture Trip