10 Of The Most Sinful Nutella Dishes In Mumbai That You Can Gorge On

by Kritika Kukreja
10 Of The Most Sinful Nutella Dishes In Mumbai That You Can Gorge On

Nutella is the ultimate paradise for all chocolate lovers. You can add Nutella in any kind of dessert dish (or non-dessert dish) and enhance its taste right then. Over the years, we have seen some excellent Nutella dishes being prepared in our very own Mumbai. Be it freakshakes, pizzas, cheesecakes and so much more. But here are some quirky Nutella dishes served across Mumbai that you wouldn’t want to miss out on –

1. Nutella Pizza – Fort001, Fort

Nutella pizza at Fort001 is a blend of mouth watering and gooey Nutella and a soft and delicious pizza bread. The Nutella pizza comes with a regular thin crust base. They skip the cheese layer and spread the tasty Nutella to turn the pizza into a dessert. As toppings, they go for some gooey and chewy marshmallows and sprinkle some icing sugar and seasonal fruits for some better taste.

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Nutella dishes
Nutella Pizza

Address: Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai
Phone:  022 33951711

2. Nutella Well Cake – Boston Cupcakery, Multiple Locations

They say too much of everything is bad, but too much of Nutella is always good! Especially when you can gobble up the Nutella-well cake. This cupcakery serves a soft and spongy Nutella-well cake that looks like a giant dollop of yummy Nutella. Take the first spoonful and dive into a world of chocolate goodness. It is a slightly burned cake (₹200) with a wonderful Nutella filling. The Nutella is oozing with just one bite and it is a must try for all chocolate lovers.

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Nutella dishes
Nutella well cake

Andheri: Shop No. 1, Legand Apartment, Maharana Pratap Road, Near Milat Nagar Circle, Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
Thane: Shop SF 29A, 2nd Floor, Food court, Viviana Mall, Majiwada, Thane West
Goregaon: Goregaon West, Mumbai

Price: ₹600 (for two approx..)
Contact: 022 26481092

3. Nutella and Banana Pancakes – Jamjar Diner – Andheri and Bandra

With mind boggling interiors, and tasteful goodness of this diner, the dish that stands out is surely the pancakes. Out of which the Nutella and Banana Pancakes take away the crown for sure. Apart from that, you can try the Raspberry and Chocochip pancakes and Berry Compote and Chocochip pancakes. 

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Nutella dishes
Nutella and Banana Pancakes, Jamjar diner

Andheri: 7A & B, JP Road, Aram Nagar II, Opp. Palm Beach Apartment, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
Bandra: 133, 1st Floor, Gazebo House, Sayed Wadi, Hill Road, Bandra West

Approx cost: ₹1300 for two people

4. Nutella Waffles – Tea Villa Cafe, Multiple Outlets

The king of all waffles in Mumbai is the Tea Villa Cafe. Serving scrumptious, yummy and oh-so-sinful Nutella waffles across all its outlets. One bite of the waffles and you’re transported into a chocolate heaven! Sprinkled with white chocolate and Oreo pieces, this waffle should be on your bucket list to try out in Mumbai.

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Nutella dishes
Nutella waffles

Address: Tea Villa Cafe, all 8 outlets across Mumbai
Approx cost: ₹1000 for two people

5. Nutella Freakshake – Icekraft, Multiple Outlets

The giant of all Nutella dishes is the Freakshake served at Icekraft. It might have the signature ‘charcoal’ ice cream, but their freakshakes are to die for as well. The Nutella freakshake is served in a classic Nutella jar along with loads of toppings like an entire Oreo biscuit, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate waffle rolls, and ice cream. This grand freakshake is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth for at least a year!

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Nutella dishes
Nutella freakshake

Address: 5 outlets across Mumbai
Approx cost: ₹300 for two people

6. Nutella French Toast – Grandmama’s Cafe, Multiple Outlets

Keeping desserts aside, this Nutella dish has made its way into breakfast food as well. The classic French toast is dipped in yummy Nutella instead of eggs and prepared with much love. Grandmama’s Cafe serves it in its dessert menu, but we’re not sure whether it qualifies as dessert or a breakfast item!

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Nutella dishes
(Image Credit – Filter Copy) Nutella French toast

Address: 4 outlets across Mumbai
Approx cost: ₹1200 for two people

7. We Heart It – Mini Pancakes And More, Carter Road

Yes, next on the list comes the Nutella studded pancakes at this small pancakes joint at Carter Road. The We heart It has Nutella, cookie crumbles and served with a scoop of ice cream. It might give you that sugar rush you’ve always wanted along with the goodness of Nutella in it. These miniature sized pancakes are here to make your life so much better!

Nutella dishes
We Heart It

Address: CCD Lane, Carter Road, Bandra West
Approx cost: ₹300 for two people

8. Nutella Cupcake – Le 15 Patisserie, Multiple Outlets

The soft, gooey and yummy cupcake prepared by Le 15 Patisserie in Mumbai has to be in this list. A spongy chocolate cake topped with a Nutella-rich frosting is something that you can’t miss out on! They have some more Nutella delights for us like the Nutella macaroon and the Nutella Brownie. 

Nutella dishes
Nutella cupcake

Address: Le 15 Patisserie, 4 outlets across Mumbai
Approx cost: ₹500 for two people

9. Nutella Bubble Waffles – Origin Waffles, Carter Road

With the base as a Nutella ‘bubble’ waffle, you will get loads of toppings along with scoops of ice cream. The KitKat Bubble Waffle with Nutella as the base and a dollop of chocolate ice cream and a crown of KitKat is a must try! Along with that, you can try the vanilla bubble waffle and some crazy fruit toppings too!

Nutella dishes
KitKat Bubble Waffle

Address: Carter Road, Bandra West
Approx cost: ₹300 for two people

10. Nutella Baked Cheesecake – Poetry By Love & Cheesecake, Multiple Outlets

Last but surely not the least is the sinful Nutella Baked Cheesecake from the masters of cheesecake – Poetry By Love & Cheesecake. Sinful to the extreme, this cheesecake is bound to impress all the Nutella fans of Mumbai city! 

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Nutella dishes
(Image Credit – The Vegetarian Bhukkad)

Address: Poetry By Love & Cheesecake, multiple outlets across Mumbai
Approx cost: ₹350 for two people

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