5 Places To Go Iftaari Feasting In Zakir Nagar

by Angel Srivastava
5 Places To Go Iftaari Feasting In Zakir Nagar

The month of Ramzan is the most auspicious time of the year for the entire Muslim community across the world. While the Muslims observe an entire day of fasting from dawn to dusk, when they break the fast, they feast on a number of mouthwatering dishes. And if you are a Delhiite, then you might be aware of what culinary delights the streets of Delhi have to offer during Ramzan.

Everyone knows that in Delhi Jama Masjid is the hub of delicious, juicy, chicken dishes. But very few are aware of Zakir Nagar, a hidden gem in the Okhla, that is lined with a number of kebab shops, dishing out some of the most scrumptious dishes perfect for Iftaari this Ramzaan season.

Let us take you through the winding streets of Zakir Nagar and introduce you to some of the must-try dishes there!

1. Seekh Kebabs and Tikkas, Talib Ke Kebab

This place in Zakir Nagar is known for dishing out some of the most juciest kebabs and tikkas in the entire Zakir Nagar. Their kebabs have the perfect concoction of spices and have a delicious smokey flavour.

Image courtesy: Delhi Food Walks

2. Haleem and Mutton Nihari, Purani Dilli Restaurant

What is Iftaari without Nihari? If you are looking for a Nihari like never before, then Purani Dilli Restaurant is your place. The Nhari along with the scrumptious Haleem will make you feel that Eid cam early this year!
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Image courtesy – Trell

3. Kulhad Wali Lassi, Pehlwan Lassi

PehlwanLassi is known for their tall glasses of creamy frothy lassi, and if you think that after eating so much you can still stomach a glass of lassi then do try a glass here.

image courtesy: Karsh

4. Maghaz Nihai and Kashmiri Roti, Javed Nihari

Another place dishing out some incredible Nihari is Javed Nihari. Their perfectly spiced Nhari, when combined with their soft and fluffy Kashmiri Roti makes a meal you wish you don’t stop eating.

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5. Shawarma, Nayaab Kitchens

If Shawarma is a dish that makes your heart melt, then head over to Nayab Kitchen. These Guys serve the best Shawarma in the entire city. These delicately wrapped Shwarma rolls are everything our dreams are made of and make for the perfect Iftari treat!

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