5 Reasons Why It Can Be A Good Idea To Hire A Guide On Your Next Trip

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
 5 Reasons Why It Can Be A Good Idea To Hire A Guide On Your Next Trip

Be it a new state or a new country, there are so many things that you have to see or do or experience and very little time to figure out. Exploring a new state or country is not that easy as it is time consuming and also you might get lost. What can save you from all of this and make your time worth it in the new place? A guide! Yes, hiring a guide is the best idea ever and let me tell you why:

1. Save Time

The biggest benefit of hiring a guide is that you are going to save a lot on your time. Every time we travel to a new state or country, we generally have time constraint and deciding places to visit, finding places to eat, deciding whether to use public transport or private, finding the location, etc.  is all going to consume a lot of your time leaving very less of it for you to explore the place. A guide guides you through all of it and saves you time. 

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2. A Customised Tour

A guide will customise an itinerary for you based on your tastes and preferences. If you are not a history buff, he won’t take you to museums or places where a history buff would prefer going. He will take you to places which are more fun and lively. This will make sure you explore things in the city that you would love rather than just ticking off known places. 

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3. Places You Never Knew About

A guide has been in the place for a very long time and is very well versed with the various places the state or the city has to offer. He also knows about places which are very less explored by the people but are worth a visit. You don’t have to spend time on the internet to find them, your guide will simply take you there if you want. 

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4. Insider Information

A guide is well versed with the historic and cultural context of every place he takes you to in the state or country. This poses an added advantage for you because he will give out facts and information of the place which probably locals or very few people might know and most importantly is not on the internet too making it the most authentic and insider information. 

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5. A Friend Away From Home

You are in a foreign land where you don’t know anyone. Your eyes crave a familiar face and here you have your guide. A guide is actually your friend in that foreign land you are in. You can count on him if you have any difficulty in the city and he will surely be of help. 

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