5 Sinful Lotus Desserts You Must Dig Into In Dubai!

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Sinful Lotus Desserts You Must Dig Into In Dubai!

Imported from Belgium, Lotus biscuits have become a top confection in Dubai. Humble in appearance, these biscuits have now made their way into desserts, milkshakes and much more. Use it as a topping for ice creams, yogurts or fruits or whip it up into a milkshake and you will know what the hype is all about. And if you are still reading this, here are 5 lotus desserts you must try in Dubai.

1. Lotus Drama at Parkers

The Lotus Drama at Parkers is all things Lotus! It’s got lotus biscotti, and fudge generously topped on some humble vanilla ice cream. Now, that’s how you make simple sound fancy! And the best part- its served in a grill used to fry french fries. Also you are given extra fudge in a small stainless steel cutlery. Next time you’re in Dubai Mall, you know what you must not miss!

Credits: Parker's Facebook
Credits: Parker’s Facebook

Where: The Dubai Mall
Cost: AED 37

2. Salt

You definitely might have savored their burgers, fries and peach iced tea, but have you tried  their lotus softie? Yes, there’s chocolate softie, vanilla softie and then there’s the sinful lotus softie. Enjoy a lotus softie amidst tranquil beach views and you will know life’s good. Pay up a small fee and add some extra lotus- it’s plain sinful!

Credits: Salt Facebook
Credits: Salt Facebook

Where: Dubai Marina
Cost: AED 20

3. Pinkberry

This place is known for all things Yogurt. But, that’s not all! Their toppings all delicious and the king of them all of course is our very own Lotus. The eatery serves a whole lot of flavored yoghurt ice cream. In case you don’t wish a lotus flavored yogurt , go for a lotus topping. Apart from lotus cookies, you can also garnish your sinful tub with cut fruits, peanut butter, all things chocolate, nuts and cereals. You also get smoothies whipped with yogurt ice creams. Isn’t that yummylicious?

Credits: Pinkberry Facebook
Credits: Pinkberry Facebook

Where: Multiple outlets
Cost: AED 12 onwards

4. Yummy In My Tummy

If you wish to have a dessert made of all things lotus, head here. They have more than just milkshakes and ice creams. For starters, their lotus cookies, topped with generous amounts of melted lotus is to die for. It’s served with a biscotti, so that’s a win-win. Digest that and save their old fashioned crepes seasoned with molten and crumbled lotus served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. What’s not to love! And if you still didn’t find what you wanted, they also have lotus marshmallows, molten lotus cake, pancake, lotus pizzokie and waffles. Now, that’s a LOT of lotus!

Credits: Yum Tum Facebook
Credits: Yum Tum Facebook

Where: Al Khaleej Road, Al Mamzar
Cost: AED 16 onwards

5. Scoopi

Scoopie is über famous for its edible charcoal ice cream, but their lotus milkshakes are to die for too! Served in a mason jar, the portion is good enough to satiate every lotus-lover. Plus, it is served with lotus biscotti and oodles of fresh cream.

Credits: Scoopi Cafe Facebook
Credits: Scoopi Cafe Facebook

Where: Near Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim
Cost: AED 45