5 Hacks To Up Your Fitness Game While Travelling

by Sneha Pai
5 Hacks To Up Your Fitness Game While Travelling

Whether you are on a short trip or a long one, these simple travel fitness ideas go a long way to get you back on track!

1. Try These Vacay Spots

What if I told you that your vacay doesn’t have to add to your waist line? That you could return from a holiday detoxed and feeling rejuvenated and relaxed without compromising on your luxuries?  These retreats are guaranteed to not take you for a guilt trip after your trip.

 2. Pack These

A pair of sneakers, a jump rope, a resistance band and a heart rate monitor. They are the most efficient fitness tools and your waistline is going to thank me later!

Why? Well, sneakers are perfect for a good walk, a 10-minute workout with a jump rope in your maximum zone (use your heart rate monitor), can do as much good as an hour on the treadmill.

3. Basic Workouts

Ride a bike, go hiking, take the walking tour… all fantastic ways to explore new locations AND build a healthy body!

4. Replace These Items

Stock your mini bar with baby carrots, pre-cooked yoghurt and fresh fruits. Cut down on those excess calories by snacking on these instead. They’re not just healthy, but also perfect for your sudden hunger pangs.

Replace the contents of your coffee machine to prep healthy breakfast foods like oatmeal and green tea. Avoid the continental breakfast with gooey pastries and cheese-filled belly busters.

5.  Use The Gym

Most hotels have a well-equipped gym. Go for it! Keep your routine in check and holiday guilt free. If yours doesn’t have one, basic workouts I mentioned are good enough to keep you going.

Are you up for a fitness challenge? Try these 5 tips and come back fitter than you were before you left. Share your experience in the comments.

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