5 Ways To Get Vacation Vibes At Home

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Ways To Get Vacation Vibes At Home

If you’re an avid traveller then this lockdown might definitely be getting on your nerves. With no new places to explore or exotic cuisines to try or amazing new people to meet, what are you going to do right? Wrong, the question is what not are you going to do. We have here 5 ways you can get vacation vibes from the comfort of your home.

1. Do Up Your Bed Hotel Style

What’s the best part about staying in a hotel room? It’s the large soft, cosy, comfy bed right! So one way you can experience vacation vibes is by doing up your bed in total hotel style. Make your bed with a colourful bedsheet,  put loads of different sizes of pillows with pretty pillow covers on your bed, and pay almost attention towards decorating your bed and your bedroom with panache. You can even add some scented candles and pot puri to your bedroom.

2. Create Yourself A Home Spa

Amidst all that tiresome work from home coupled with neverending chores, you do need some time to pamper yourself. So prepare a homemade facemask, take out some scented candles, create a little home spa and let loose for a while. You will be surprised how your mind and body feel super well-rested and rejuvenated.

3. Cook An Exotic Meal

Well, they say food can transport you to lands far far away. And they are so right. So if you want to move away from that gear ka khaana wall feels, then why not browse for some exotic recipes like French Onion Soup, Malaysian Laksa, or even Tiramisu, and prepare yourself a lovely exotic meal. You can pair it with a glass of wine and plop yourself on the sofa while you enjoy your meal while watching a foreign movie. Sounds fancy right!

4. Spritz Up A Holiday Cocktail

Why wait for a holiday to spritz a holiday cocktail? Since you’re at home 24/7 why not prepare spectacular cocktails like Red Wine Sangria, Caprioska and whatnot! With simple ingredients like fresh fruits and fruit juice, you can prepare amazing drinks with your favourite liquor like red wine, vodka and rum. So get your family and friends and say raise a toast!

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5. Learn A New Language

If you miss talking to locals in the local language, then fret not. This is your time to learn a new language. There are plenty of online courses you can take up to learn at least a few phrases of a new language. You can also consume foreign films and shows with English subtitles, to help you get accustomed to the new language. So by the time you can travel again, you’d already be a pro in the language of that country! Did you know Hindi To Be The Third Official Language In Abu Dhabi Courts?

Image Courtesy: NY Post

So these are some of the funny, crazy and cool things you can do to get vacation vibes at home. So don’t worry if you can’t travel in the time being, we’re all in the same boat. Do whatever you can to bring travel in the comfort of your home.