5 Weird Air Travel Secrets No Airline Will Ever Share With You

by Yogita Chainani
5 Weird Air Travel Secrets No Airline Will Ever Share With You

Air travelling is always fun and convenient; not only do you reach your destination early but enjoy some spectacular cloud scenes. And if you are a frequent flyer, we bet you think you know everything about airline policies, airline details, and aeroplanes in general. However, we are sorry to break your bubble- there’s a lot the airline doesn’t share with you. Wondering what that is? Well, here are five weird air travel secrets we bet you didn’t know about.

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Weird Air Travel Secrets You Should Know Right Away 

1. Pilots Are Not Allowed To Talk Below 10,000 ft.

Yep, you read that right! Pilots cannot talk while flying below 10,000 ft. As per the Sterile Cockpit Rule, pilots have to stay focused since they are responsible for passenger safety- hence random conversations are not allowed; they have to solely focus on operational activities while take-off and landing.

2. Pilots And Co-pilots Get Separate Meals And Cannot Share Food.

It might sound bizarre, but when you think about it, it’s a rational and essential thing for the safety of everyone. This rule is in place to avoid any mishaps if in case one of them is poisoned. Hence, the pilot and co-pilot have different meals and cannot share meals for the safety of their own and others.

3. The Oxygen Masks In Airline Can Save You For 12-Minutes.

We also hear about the importance of oxygen masks in the announcements made by the flight attendant, but have you wondered how long you will be able to survive with that oxygen in case of a crash or some mishap? Well, the answer is 12-minutes. Now, that may seem like a short span to you, but it’s enough to survive the crash till you reach the safe space- that’s 10,000ft altitude.

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4. Flight Windows Have Tiny Holes

Now, before you jump to the conclusion and think that it’s because the plane is faulty or something, you should know that these holes help us stay safe. The holes are only present in the middle portion of the plane to maintain the cabin pressure at higher altitudes so that you don’t pass out after gaining altitude.

5. Washrooms On Airplanes Are Never Locked

You go to use the washroom in an airplane, and you lock it from inside- however, you’ll be shocked to know that there’s no lock-in reality. There’s a small latch hidden inside the sign, which will open the door when you pull it. It again is for safety purposes; please don’t try this the next time you board a flight.

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