5 Yummy Dosas To Try In Bangalore’s Jayanagar Under ₹100

by Sanjana Shenoy

Jayanagar, the heart of South Bangalore has plenty of lip-smacking food joints. From humble South Indian eateries, and grab-and-go Dilli bites, to charming cafes, foodies can enjoy anything their hearts desire. If you’re in Jayanagar, shopping in 4th block or leisurely strolling in a park and yearning for a crispy hot dosa in the hood, then this article is just the right one for you. Here are 5 yummy dosas you must try in Bangalore’s Jayanagar for under ₹100. Most of these options are priced under ₹50, so that’s what pocket-friendly meals are all about.

1. Plain Dosa At Taaza Thindi

Taaza Thindi is one of the hottest breakfast spots in Jayanagar. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, you’d always notice scores of people spilling out into the streets. After all, you get the cheapest, most delicious South Indian fare in Bangalore, so who’s complaining right? Well, at Taaza Thindi, you must try the Plain Dosa and Masala Dosa both priced at ₹20 each. While the Plain Dosa is crispy golden brown. The Masala Dosa is stuffed with flavoursome potatoes. With prices so cheap and quantities just about perfect, you don’t need to choose. Have them both!

best dosas in jayanagar under Rs100

Picture Credits: Zomato

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2. Set Dosa At Brahmin Tiffins & Coffee

Another iconic breakfast spot in Bangalore, Brahmin Tiffins & Coffee has been standing tall for over 50 years. It was started by KV Nagesh Rao in 1965. Today, the store is managed by his sons and grandson. At Brahmin Tiffins & Coffee, you can enjoy a lip-smacking plate of soft, fluffy and wholesome Set Dosa for just ₹40. Apart from dosas, polish off plates of idlis and vadas here. Don’t forget to pair your snacks with a cup of strong filter coffee!

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3. Butter Masala Dosa At Bengaluru Cafe

The open-air Bengaluru Cafe, nestled in front of a park welcomes you for an evening coffee or a morning brekkie, with equal fervour. Order a plate of Butter Masala Dosa for ₹50 at Bengaluru Cafe and you’d know what heaven tastes like. The dosa is golden-brown, crunchy and super buttery. The potato stuffing is flavoursome and has just the right amount of spices. A cup of hot filter coffee prepared right in front of your eyes would be undoubtedly a satisfying experience to see and savour.

best dosas in jayanagar under Rs100

Picture Credits: Zomato

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4. Rava Dosa At Upahara Darshini

Upahara Darshini serves one of the best Rava Dosas in Bangalore. This underrated dosa is prepared from semolina (rava), spices and rice flour. It’s thin very crispy and delicious. Get yourself a plate of Rava Dosa for just ₹55 at Upahara Darshini.  This humble South Indian eatery is known for its quick service, hygiene and consistent quality of food, that’s been maintained for years. Apart from Rava Dosa, do try Upahara Darshini’s special pulao.

best dosas in jayanagar under Rs100

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5. Mulbagal Masala Dosa At Mulbagal Dosa Corner

If you’re a dosa connoisseur, willing to experiment with dosas, then you must try Mulbagal Masala Dosa. This is a special dosa that originates from Mulbagal town, nestled over 80 km from Bangalore. Mulbagal Dosas are prepared on cast iron tawas, commonly used at home. These dosas and roasted and steamed at the same time. This dosa is roasted and crunchy on one side, and soft on the other. At Mulbagal Dosa corner, enjoy this delicacy for ₹95. You can taste the ghee with every bite and savour the authentic flavours of Mulbagal. This is the costliest dosa on our list. Nevertheless, it’s worth the price.

Well, these are some of the most delicious dosas you must indulge in Jayanagar in Bangalore for under ₹100. Let us know which ones are your favourite!

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