6 Things You Should Not Do When Visiting India

by Angel Srivastava
6 Things You Should Not Do When Visiting India

Over the years, India has become a popular tourist destination, frequented by over thousands of tourists every year irrespective of the season. The country has something spectacular to offer tourists every season. From a magnificent view of the majestic Himalayas to the serene and peaceful backwaters of Kerala, India is a country of many colours.

While India has a lot to offer to all the tourists that come to the country, there are certain things that every foreign traveler visiting India for the first time must keep in mind. Here are 6 things you should not do when visiting India.

1. Do Not Drink Tap Water

While you might be in the habit of consuming normal tap water back home, keep in mind that this isn’t something you can do in India. Make sure to keep a lot of bottles of water handy as falling sick is the last time you would want on a vacation. Make sure that the bottles of water are sealed and come from a legitimate packaged drinking water brand to minimize your chances of popping pills.

2. Do Not Travel During The Wrong Season

While it is true that India has something spectacular to offer it would be a waste of resources to choose the wrong place. You wouldn’t want to visit Goa during September as the rains would simply dampen the experience and most of the shacks on the beach would be closed due to the high tide. Similarly, it wouldn’t be such a good idea to visit Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand during the winters as most of the state would be shut due to heavy rainfall once again spoiling the vacation. So, we would suggest that when you plan a vacation to India make sure that you research well about the weather and the best places to visit before booking your tickets.

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3. Do Not Fall Prey To Street Vendor’s High Prices

When in India, people WILL try to rip you off simply because you are a foreigner and they will assume that you know nothing about the country which will be correct. Be it public transport, or while thrift shopping at the street side markets, the vendors can over charge upto 100 times the actual price. So make sure you polish your bargaining skills and start off the bargain from at least 1/4th of the price they ask for.

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4. Do Not Go With An Unplanned Budget

There are a lot of blogs online that say you can visit India on $10 a day. Well, while you could do that, that vacation won’t be any fun. The prices in India are on a constant rise and the budget would largely depend on the city you are visiting, the hotel you are staying at, and a lot more. For example, a decent meal at a fancy restaurant can cost you up to $50, which while may seem to be grossly overpriced, isn’t so much so because if you ask around, Indians spend way more during their domestic vacations.

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5. Do Not Have A Tight Schedule

India is a fairly large country and it will be impossible to see all of it in a single visit. While planning a vacation to India, make a light schedule including a couple of cities. If you happen to plan your vacation across a number of cities, you’ll only end up travelling and spending most of your time in flights, trains, and buses. This will only make you tired, taking all the fun out of your vacation.

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6. Do Not Dress Inappropriately

While India is on its road to development and people in cities do not really care about what you wear and what not, if your travel itinerary happens to include remote areas and small town, you might want to stay clear skimpy clothes. Not only to help you avoid the unwanted stares but also ensure your safety.

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