68-Year-Old Woman Selling Papad In Jaipur’s Scorching Heat Is Heartbreaking

by Sanjana Shenoy
68-Year-Old Woman Selling Papad In Jaipur’s Scorching Heat Is Heartbreaking

Social media, while it has its own vices, is a powerful tool to help our street food vendors. Street food vendors are using social media to create awareness of their plight and draw customers toward their delicious food. In a viral video shared on the Instagram channel Street Food Recipes, a story of an elderly street food vendor in Jaipur has tugged at the heartstrings of netizens. Read on to know more.

68-Year-Old Amma Sells Papads For A Living In Jaipur

The viral video posted by the Instagram channel Street Food Recipes shows the story of a 68-year-old woman in Jaipur selling hot papads near Jantar Mantar. 68-year-old Amma is the only earning member of the family. She is working hard, carrying a basket full of papad on her head and selling it for ₹20. Amma works day in and day out in scorching Jaipur heat. 

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Netizens Want To Help Her

The heartwrenching video of 68-year-old Amma, has left the netizens in tears. Garnering over 266k views and 26.4k likes and thousands of comments, netizens are enquiring about ways to help Amma who is in dire need of money. If you’d like to support her, you can find her near Jantar Mantar. Her papads sprinkled in spices and chilly powder, is a delicious quick bite. Moreover, she needs your love and support to earn her daily bread and butter. Meanwhile, here are top 10 things you must do in Jaipur.